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Historical Oakland Cannabis Buyers CoOp Co-Founder set to educate globally.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 23rd, 2020

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: AIM PUBLIC RELATIONS today announced that Aaron Thames, co-founder of the historical Oakland Cannabis Buyers CoOp, will officially launch his own product line, Farmacopeia, this year, and provide education on the science behind cannabinoids for Animals.


Aaron Thames started his groundbreaking footprint in Cannabis history with his work as a Co-Founder of  the Oakland Cannabis Buyers CoOp. OCBC were defendants in a landmark court case, United States vs. Oakland Cannabis Buyers CoOp, that left OCBC as the largest distributor of medical cannabis cards in history. Aaron Thames lead outreach for the CoOp and provided education on cannabis use for patients starting in 1995. Aaron also had his hands in assisting with the creation of Proposition 215 and have worked with some of the great legends in cannabis.

With over 25 years in cannabis and over 20 years in animal rescue, Aaron Thames' experiences are set to bring education to the masses via speaking engagement, educational classes and providing resourced information. Thames will also educate via his product line which is unique to the market. Thames used his knowledge to formulate a product line that provides concentrated cannabinoids with no fillers. Thames' product line provides more of the benefits of cannabinoids with no fillers to get in the way. Farmacopeia has been used by veterinarian clinics and animals rescues around the globe. Aaron has brought his love for the plant and his love for animals together and has created a line of products that bring benefits to your entire home. Human grade product line for you and your pets. Thames believes in his line of products so much that he offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Aaron Thames is also the owner and founder of an animal rescue facility in California named Memories of Besa Rescue/MOB.

Aaron Thames is opening his calendar up to opportunities to share his knowledge and experiences with the globe. Thames announces his specialties as;


  • CBD use in Animal Wellness Plans
  • Full Spectrum use vs Broad Spectrum use
  • CBN use to bring sleep.
  • The historical fight for modern Cannabis
  • Cannabis and Hemp benefits for patients.


“The science behind animals and the use of CBD is more complex than many of these companies want to mention. Certain carrier oils used in animals CBD products are as unhealthy for the animals as they would be for us, as humans. We don't have people educating the masses on cannabinoids and animals with valid information. I want you to understand the science. ,” says Aaron Thames. “Once you understand the science, it will all fall into place with proper use for You and your pets.”


“Aaron provides the education needed for us to understand proper usage of CBD in both animals and humans. He helps you understand the science. ” says Myron Brace, COO at LLAV8. “Aaron also makes himself available to educate all his customers and answer any questions we have, personally. We do not reach a customer service rep when we call Farmacopeia 1800 number. We reach Aaron, directly.”

Follow Aaron Thames on social media and follow his continued, historical journey.

Find him and Farmacopeia online at;

Facebook: @FarmacopeiaLife and @AaronOGThames

Instagram: @FarmacopeiaLife


Aaron Thames can be booked for speaking engagement, interviews and public engagements by email requests sent to You can find more information of Farmacopeia by visiting


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