Just Between Friends

Five Back-to-School Hacks to Save Up to 90% from Just Between Friends

Just Between Friends(JBF) is North America’s leading children’s & maternity consignment event. JBF helps more than a million families save money & earn money at our big consignment events in 150 locations across the U.S

Take Inventory of what you have to save money 

School uniforms/fall/winter clothes: Lay everything out where you can see it and make a list so you know exactly which items you must buy. Get the kids involved too so they can learn.

Sort the items you no longer need

o  Items in good condition and clean can be resold.

o  Items with wear and tear can be donated.

Make a list of what you need to buy

o  Categorize items that you must get new and ones you can buy used.

School supplies: Sort all items and make a pile of items that can be reused.

o  Colored pencils & crayons: Find a cute plastic holder for them and let your child decorate it.

o  Notebooks: If most pages are blank, you can reuse. Decorate with sticker for facelift

o  Binders: If it’s in good condition, recycle it and decorate it to update it.

o  Make a list of items you need to buy new 

Shop retail sales, consignment events & resale shops

School supplies: While it is hard to find most supplies secondhand, there are ways to save.

o  Research deals: Check the Sunday paper for sales. Look online for coupon codes.

Also check for tax free weekends.

o  Consider a “swap session: Invite over other kids and “swap” notebooks, pencils etc.

Clothing and shoes: There are several ways to find great items shopping secondhand.

o  Consignment events: Most items at consignment events are 50 – 90% off retail.

You can typically find all you need under one roof – saving time and money.

o  Online sales/swaps:  Spend time researching online to find great deals. When buying

items, only meet a seller in a “safe place” such as local police department.

Map out a strategy - Once you know where you are shopping, here are tips to follow.

·     o  Make a list: Determine which items you need/want and create a budget

o  Research the retail price: Use google to find retail prices to gauge savings

o  Download apps – Use apps to price check: Amazon as well as PurchX, BuyVia and

ShopSavvy all help you compare prices and read reviews. 

Shop Wisely at Consignment Events and Resale  

o  Shop for shoes before clothes: There are typically fewer shoes than clothing and

popular brands and sizes go quickly.

o  Look for New Clothing: Search for “New with Tags” items first. Many consignors shop

sales throughout the year and resell new items they find.

o  Shop Specialty Clothing First: Look for specialty items first such as school uniforms,

holiday dresses, costumes etc. then shop for staples like jeans, basic shirts etc.

o  Stock up on gifts: Resale shops and consignment events are also great places to find

teacher gifts for the classroom as well as gifts for special holidays and

“teacher appreciation days”.

o  Look for “bundles”: Many consignors will bundle books, dolls, cars, onesies etc. and

you can find some GREAT deals on gifts, etc.


Safety Tips for Shopping Secondhand

·     o  Make sure items you are purchasing have all of the parts and are in good, working condition.

o  If you are unsure about an item, you can easily check it out with the recall app found

at Shop sales and stores that put safety first. At Just

Between Friends, workers inspect items to check for recalls. We also provide up-to-date

recall lists for shoppers