Kegenix Announces Price Adjustment on its Patented Ketonic Blend

DUNEDIN, Fla., Sept. 7, 2016 -- Real Ketones LLC, manufacturer of Kegenix, today announced a permanent price adjustment of its patented ketonic blends due to its substantial and sustained sales growth. Starting immediately, all 30-day supplies of Kegenix previously priced at $197USD, will retail at $147USD.

Kegenix is a patented, ketogenic supplement that puts users in a state of nutritional ketosis within one hour without the symptoms and problems associated with inducing natural ketosis, including the keto-flu. Since launching the Kegenix product line, which includes Wild Berry, Orange Blast and Fruit Medley flavors, Real Ketones LLC has revolutionized health and wellness. This product represents a huge shift in the fitness, health and wellness industries towards sustainable, clean, safe and back-to-nature supplements that work in harmony with the body's own metabolic processes.

"Bringing real science to the consumer market is very expensive and we have invested millions into research and product development to create an effective, safe and scientifically proven formula" said Steve Santo, Managing Partner, Kegenix, "We've been truly humbled and impressed by the growth of the Kegenix customer community since its launch."

"This price reduction is a simple economics of volume along with our desire to help people. We are now producing much higher quantities of the product to meet demand, allowing us to increase our efficiencies and reduce our retail prices." said Santo. "This allowed us to create substantial savings and pass these savings on directly to our customers and the broader community seeking to make a healthy, positive lifestyle change."

"We have also made significant efforts to decrease logistics and overhead costs by implementing industry-leading fulfilment and distribution by Amazon. This implementation has vastly decreased our consumer shipping costs and delivery times, while providing our customers with gold-standard service."

Real Ketones LLC also anticipates the expansion of the Kegenix family of products in the next 90 days to include additional variations of its ketone spray products. KGX Boost, the world's first ketone energy spray, offers a highly accessible consumer price point in a convenient spray format for under $1USD per serving, great for pre and post workout, high energy caffeine-less morning starts, and curbing carb cravings.

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Real Ketones LLC, manufacturer of Kegenix, is a nutritional supplement producer based in Florida and Salt Lake City, USA. Its signature product, Kegenix is a ketogenic supplement that helps induce and sustain ketosis using exogenous real ketones.. Kegenix was created with a simple mission – to make a difference in peoples' lives, promote a more healthy lifestyle and encourage people to make a change regarding nutrition. Kegenix takes pride in only producing safe, highest quality, scientifically proven products that produce results. Discover the benefits of Kegenix today at:

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