Kegenix Ulitmate Keto Kick-Off Bundle

Kegenix Ulitmate Keto Kick-Off Bundle

Kegenix's latest product is the Keto Kick-Off Bundle designed to make starting a Keto lifestyle easy!

With the Keto Kick-Off Bundle, it’s easy to become a fat burning machine by learning how a low-carb high-fat keto lifestyle can improve your life.


The Kegenix Keto Kick-Off Bundle includes:

- A 30 day supply of Kegenix, in Orange Blast or Fruit Medley

- 1 KGX boost

- Kegenix's brand new Low Carb Keto Living: Your Success Roadmap ebook

- A copy of the Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle Meal Plan from

- A 6 Month membership to Dollar Workout Club

This amazing bundle is worth over $247, but now for a low price of $199.


Diets high in carbs and sugars cause shorter life spans and lower quality of life. Low Carbohydrate High Fat and Ketogenic lifestyles are the solutions. Customers will be stronger, healthier, and more alert. Start taking advantage of energy from healthy fats and live better.


A 30 Day Supply of Kegenix Ketonic Blend

Kegenix's revolutionary, patented ketonic blend helps the body start burning fat for fuel. The blend comes in 3 tasty flavors: Fruit Medley, Orange Blast, and Wild Berry.

Ketones have been shown to have a significant impact on the heart, brain, and body. Kegenix delivers pure, real ketone energy to help customers look better, feel better, and live longer. Whether you are a keto-beginner or keto-pro, Kegenix ketonic blends are the perfect addition to the keto lifestyle. Kegenix works immediately to start providing energy, performance, focus, and appetite suppression.

The Kegenix 30-Day Supply includes 30 packets. For optimal results, Kegenix recommends taking one packet a day.


- Reduced Cravings: making it easier to avoid carbs.

- Improved Performance: burning fat for fuel!

- Increased Energy: long lasting energy without jitters or spikes and crashing.

- Better Mood: so you can be the best version of you!

- Memory Enhancement: Ditch the day planner

- Enhanced Focus: Produce better results

Regular Price: $147.00

1 KGX Boost

Kegenix's revolutionary, patented Ketonic spray is the first of it’s kind, providing an instant ketone energy boost! The KGX Boost is a 30-day supply that is perfect for pre/post workout, curbing carb cravings and energy boosts.

Just like our Kegenix blends, there are no side effects such as jitters and shakes. It's also non-GMO, gluten free, and caffeine free!

The KGX Boost is convenient, powerful, and full of REAL macronutrient energy for any part of the day.

Regular Price: $29.99

Low Carb Keto Living: Your Success Road Map

Kegenix's newly released Low Carb Keto Living: Your Success Roadmap is included in the Keto Kick-Off Bundle.

The Low Carb Keto Living: Your Success Roadmap includes everything about the low-carb Keto Lifestyle. Customers will find helpful tips to staying on track, positive inspiration, and answers to common keto questions.

The Low Carb Keto Survival Guide includes:

- The keto lifestyle basics

- How to calculating, track, and measure your goals

- Weekly meal plan scheduler

- Low-carb keto recipes and snacks

- Answers to those commonly asked questions

- Tips and tricks to curb your cravings

Regular Price: $7.99

Ebook: Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle Meal Plan from

The Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle Meal Plan from includes 4 weeks of daily menu plans that will guide you to healthy and sustainable eating habits.

The Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle meal plan includes:

- Daily Menu Plans

- Weekly Grocery Lists

- Expert Guidance

- Nutritional Breakdowns

For more information, visit the website

Regular Price: $39

6 Month Membership to Dollar Workout Club

Dollar Workout Club provides digital streaming content to start your fitness journey. The content covers three main areas of health and fitness including exercise, nutrition, advice, and motivation.

New content every week including:

- 5 Workouts videos

- 5 Recipes

- 5 Tips, Advice, and Motivational videos

- and more new features every week!

Regular Price: $24.00

Total cost of bundle: $247.98

The Keto Kick-Off Bundle has everything to kick-start a low-carb keto lifestyle.

Hurry and take advantage the Keto Kick-Off Bundle now for the low price of only $199!

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