Local women start the first TWAW Shooting Chapter in Wyoming.

    Mindy Supino and Shawna Wiggins, who are local female gun enthusiasts, have started Fremont County's first T.W.A.W., The Well Armed Woman, shooting chapter. They are hoping to create opportunities for women to learn and grow as shooters. The TWAW Shooting Chapter partnered with the Riverton Shooting Club to be the host range for their monthly events.


   Mindy said its "a place for women to learn and practice." Both Mindy and Shawna are NRA certified instructors for basic pistol and in home defense and certified range officers. Together they started the local chapter for women to "meet together, feel empowered and learn skills with firearms and protection with firearms."

    They meet at the Riverton Shooting Range once a month. According to Mindy their goal is "to educate, equip and empower women to learn more about shooting." They were the first chapter in Wyoming and now there are 4 different chapters across the state.


    This month the Glock representative from Oregon visited the chapter bringing three different types of firearms and ammo for the members to use and to offer his advice and expertise. Next month the chapter will be highlighting domestic violence awareness month.

     Currently they have 12 official members. Non members are welcome to join or visit the group at any time. There are 700 leaders and 10,000 members nation wide with 200 chapters in 48 different states. The chapter has been meeting for a year as of June and has many more events and ideas for the next year.

    The TWAW Riverton Shooting Chapter's goal is to give women of all experience levels the opportunity to be introduced to issues important to women shooters, learn safe gun handling skills and train together. They are looking into bringing more training and experts in to work with the group.

    Anyone looking to join the chapter or who may have questions can email Shawna and Mindy at twaw.riverton@gmail.com.