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Breakthrough In HCG Weight Loss Therapy

The sub lingual drops are the breakthrough in HCG weight loss therapy. Dr. Simeons in his book ‘Pounds and Inches’, first introduced Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone to the medical science. He proposed intra-muscular injections that have to be taken with a very low calorie diet for 26 days. This primary phase is able to shed 15 lbs. Clinical researches and real life experiments however, suggests that obese people who want to lose as much as 40 lbs in few days must take oral drops. These sub lingual drops have no side effects in the body.

Pros & Cons Of HCG Weight Loss Therapy

  • HCG increases metabolism by burning abnormal fat into calories.
  • It suppresses your hunger pangs. You are likely to avoid sweets and starch in your protocol days.
  • 125 i.u. to 200 i.u. of HCG should be taken as a whole day course. This will shed 1-3 lbs daily.
  • 500 calories per day is to be consumed by the user. This will stop fat loading and also detox the body.
  • Over dose and improper administration of HCG might lead to nausea and abdomen pain.
  • Children and pregnant women should not take HCG.

HCG is available in various forms but the breakthrough medication is homeopathic sub lingual drops. It is possibly the best way to infuse this hormone in the body, without leaving any trail of side effects. You can easily get your 1-2 Oz ampoules of real HCG diet drops online and over the counter in drug stores.

  • 10 to 48 drops per day will shed 1-3 pounds.
  • Taken under the tongue for couple of times a day before meals.
  • No pain and muscle cramps.
  • Requires no mixing with powdered HCG with sterile water.
  • Self help with the consumption of the diet drops.
  • Great travel life.