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New York City’s Blue School Launches Blue School Connected, Offering Options of Fully Online Learning or a Combination of Onsite + Online Instruction for Pre-Primary, Primary and Middle School Students

Fully Online and Onsite + Online Learning Reimagines the Blue School Classroom for the Changing World Rolling Admissions Available, visit

NEW YORK CITY (July 7, 2020) – Continuing to grow and evolve its innovative education model, New York City’s Blue School will offer several programs for instruction to meet families’ needs in the upcoming school year with the launch of Blue School Connected. The expansion of Blue School’s curriculum – catering to pre-primary, primary and middle school-aged students – will be offered in two formats, Fully Online or Onsite + Online, a program which will seamlessly integrate online learning throughout the school year with limited onsite teaching. For more information about Blue School Connected, including admissions information for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond, visit


By enhancing the proven success of Blue School’s educational program, Blue School Connected integrates a digital learning experience with optional in-person learning and cultivates academic mastery, critical thinking, and self and social awareness while inspiring a passion for lifelong learning. Blue School has transformed the experience of online education into an interactive, academically challenging, creative and joy-filled experience that is responsive to the individual needs of students and their families.


Fully Online

For families who prefer an at-home learning experience, the Blue School Connected - Fully Online program is an opportunity to engage in the most dynamic online learning program available. No matter where families are located, Blue School Connected - Fully Online is an expertly crafted educational program that marries inspirational learning with social and emotional growth.


Onsite + Online

Education must be responsive to the realities of our world. The Blue School Connected - Onsite + Online program expertly combines in-person and digital engagement to achieve educational goals set for each student. Onsite at Blue School allows the connected community of learners to come together in its downtown NYC campus for collaborative experiences, social connection, and learning. Additionally, Blue School is taking all health and safety regulations and facilities guidelines into account, adjusting class sizes, space planning, scheduling and programming to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of its community.


“Since its founding, Reimagining Education has always been a cornerstone of the Blue School ethos,” said Gina Farrar, PhD, Blue School’s Head of School. “With today’s circumstances and the needs and interests of our families, current and future, in mind, we have embraced the opportunities that technology affords us to continue reimagining the educational experience. Whether fully or partially online, students and their families will receive an extraordinary, Blue School experience that’s crafted to meet student needs in a safe environment.”


A learning community for pre-primary students ages 2-4, primary education students in grades K-5, and middle school students in grades 6-8, Blue School is centered on its dynamic education model, placing priority on:

  • Academic Mastery: Blue School offers live in-person and online classrooms, small group breakout sessions and supported independent learning with a rich array of options, as well as opportunities to disconnect from the screen and engage in projects to build and enjoy physical experiences and lessons offline.
  • Self + Social Intelligence: From the youngest students to the oldest, teachers and students are connected and work together in a close relationship to one another, providing a rich educational experience to foster individual self-awareness, collaboration, empathy and care for others.
  • Creative Thinking: Blue School provides a safe environment in which students learn confident self-expression, resourcefulness and imagination in order to think creatively and solve complex problems. Together, they learn to listen to others’ thoughts and ideas, working together to iterate and expand upon concepts.


The success of the Blue School approach is highly evident in its graduates, who have been accepted to and are excelling at many of New York’s finest high schools.


Blue School is accepting rolling admissions applications for the 2020-2021 school year, which will utilize the newly launched Blue School Connected dynamic program. For more information about Blue School Connected, visit


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Blue School is a not-for-profit, independent pre-primary, primary and middle school in lower Manhattan, designed to reimagine a more complete, balanced and exuberant approach to education by integrating best educational practice with the latest in child development and neuroscientific research. Blue School has been named one of the “six most innovative global schools” by Wired magazine and one of “The 13 Most Innovative Schools in the World” by Business Insider. Academic mastery, creative thinking and self & social intelligence are dynamically balanced to instill a lifelong passion for learning. The inquiry-driven approach is designed to help children become the bold, creative and compassionate innovators that our collective future requires.

In response to Covid-19, Blue School has designed two educational options to provide for the current needs of families - an Onsite+Online program or a Fully Online program. Blue School Connected retains all the hallmarks of a Blue School education by fostering creativity, promoting academic excellence, nurturing human relationships, and inspiring a growing passion for learning.

Matt Goldman, Chris Wink, and Phil Stanton (the original creators of Blue Man Group) joined Renee Rolleri, Jen Wink Hays, and Jennifer Stanton to establish Blue School in 2006. The Advisory Board is comprised of leaders from the fields of education, psychology, design, and neuroscience including Sam Chaltain, Pamela J. Clarke, Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D., John Maeda, Ph.D., Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D., David Rockwell, Dr. Daniel Siegel and more.

Blue School currently enrolls approximately 300 children, serving 2 year olds through the eighth grade. For more information, visit



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