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LAS VEGAS – Mod Pro Services, a Las Vegas company specializing in designing and constructing multifunctional modular units, completed its first prefabricated modules designed specifically for medical response missions. The custom, 40-foot container-like modules come in four independent model types; patient module, lavatory module, open-concept module, and egress module. Each are utilized in conjunction with one another to create scalable field hospital solutions within extremely rapid timeframes.

“MedMod systems give hospitals who are feeling the strains from COVID-19, or communities affected by a natural disaster, the ability to provide replacement and/or extension of multi-bed acute care facilities on short notice,” said Andrew Gumper, President of Mod Pro Services. “These facilities can mean the difference between life and death when every minute counts.”

What sets MedMod apart from previous modular solutions is the fact that each unit comes standard with fully integrated fire suppression systems, plumbing, MERV 8 level HVAC filtering, touchless amenities, as well as hospital-grade finishes, patient pull cords, and nursing call stations. Additionally, each containerized unit is NFPA 72 Fire Alarm and Signaling compliant and meets requirements set forth by the United States Army Corps of Engineers A2HC, ISO 1496 and CSC 1972. As an example, this comprehensive integration of systems and certifications allows the capability of a 52 patient bed site configuration to be assembled in approximately 24 hours.

With endless possibilities of customization and fitment, MedMod’s are outfitted to offer solutions for those in need of temporary medical facilities around the world. The MedMod product is not just a solution for pandemic response but also for relief in situations related to natural disasters, rural areas, and temporary closure of local hospital facilities.

Do to the immediate growing popularity of the product line, Mod Pro Services is actively looking to add approximately 700 personnel to its assembly line workforce. For more information about Mod Pro Services MedMod units, as well as employment opportunities, please visit and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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