Radiotherapy with a linear accelerator has become indispensable in cancer treatment. For 50 to 60 percent of all patients with cancerous disease it is included in the therapy plan. Medical experience, a great deal of tact and, in particular, best possible patient positioning are of essential importance. gKteso has developed the Radiotherapy Patient System RPS base, a 6-D Robotic Couch for radiotherapy with linear accelerators providing latest technology to safeguard the treatment to the maximum. One benefit is that RPS is compatible with all contemporary fixation aids (add-ons) necessary for the positioning and fixation of a patient.


Radiotherapy will be revolutionized


The patient platform is a new development by gKteso revolutionizing the preparatory works before radiotherapy. RPS base is electronically controlled and does not require unnecessary corrections, due to stored patient data and its capability to re-approach the initially defined positioning at the touch of a button. All data of the supporting aids applied are read in by an integrated RFID-Reader, providing these, together with the patient data, for further software systems such as for the documentation of the treatment. The preparation for the irradiation is therefore verifiable.  


RPS base and add-ons for pinpoint radiotherapy


“The add-ons are easily and safely applied to the patient platform“, explains Guido Kübler, Managing Director of gKteso. In combination with RPS base, a pinpoint treatment of the defined tissue will be ensured. Since radiotherapy, for example in the head and neck area, requires specific fixation by masks in order to protect sensitive, adjacent organs such as salivary glands, eyes, brain and spinal cord from being unnecessarily strained, it is indispensable to prepare a contemporary patient platform for all current add-ons. “Also vacuum mattresses and many other modular positioning products can be attached to the Radiotherapy Patient System RPS“, emphasizes Kübler.


By means of a dynamic tracking procedure, the patient platform can even correct organ movements automatically. During this tracking procedure, an internal or external marker exactly determines the position and movement of an organ, continuously conveying these data to the patient platform for possible corrections. This is necessary, inter alia, in treatments of prostate tumors, where the bowel movements constantly change the position of the diseased organ.


RPS extended for serial radiotherapy


RPS extended is an expanded system of the 6D-Robotic Couch, allowing serial, comfortable and fast radiotherapy with a linear accelerator. Fact is that up to three patients can be simultaneously prepared and fixed for radiotherapy in separate anterooms. More information on


About gKteso:

                gKteso specializes, among other areas, in the development of  patient platforms with 6D-control for radiotherapy with linear accelerators.                 With RPS base and RPS extended, gKteso is now entering the international medical technology market. About 25 years ago, mechanical                 engineer Guido Kübler, founder and Managing Director of the company, started with the development and manufacturing of electronically                 controlled platforms for various applications. As a classic OEM, the company is distributor to distinguished international partners. The                 patient platform RPS extended by gKteso convinces both clinics and medical centers with numerous features making radiotherapy with                 linear accelerators more efficient and more comfortable for the patient. The accurate and reproducible positioning as well as the quality of                 patient fixation represents a substantial aspect. Another important advantage is the efficiency of this innovative system, as with RPS                 extended up to three patients can be simultaneously prepared for radiotherapy with linear accelerator by means of a specific satellite                 system.