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New Social App KREWR Puts the Fun Into Online Networking!

ENGLEWOOD, N.J.—Say no to one-size-fits-all social networking. Whoever you are, you can now find your soon-to-be favorite new people online with Krewr, the new social app that isn’t about dating or venting—it’s about finding like-minded people who are interested in the same kind of fun and group activities as you.

Newark native and attorney Cynthia Gill is the founder/inventor of Krewr, an app that assists users form diverse “krews” for different interests. Using the app, they can select from a variety of social and athletic activities, forming multiple activity-based group networks.

“I included more than 50 activities on Krewr so there’s something for everyone—from physical activities such as biking, rock wall climbing, and skiing, as well as spectator ‘krews’ for just sitting back and watching the game—to interactive cultural activities such as wine tasting and cooking classes. I created Krewr to give every user the opportunity to find new friends in an activity-based, social environment,” said Gill.

Krewr is different than any other social app out there. The groups are small (limited to four people), and you can select your krew by personalizing your options, for example, selecting LGBTQ or gender krew options.

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