Everything You Need To Know About Choosing A Kurti For Jeans

A Kurti has become a dressing alternative that's a complete package of style and comfort. You can choose the party wear Kurtis for going to parties and formal gatherings or a regular wear Kurti for daily wear or for a casual gathering. A combination of a Kurti with jeans is the most popular choice as a daily wear or for a casual occasion. Choosing a Kurti that looks good with jeans is confusing as you cannot wear just any type of Kurti with jeans.

Long short Kurtis

The most popular and highly preferred Kurti type is Long, Short Kurti. These come in different designs and cuts and are suitable for almost any occasion. With a short front and long back it jells perfectly with a jeans and it is a preferred choice of working women and college girls.

Short Kurti

A western looking outfit with a traditional touch, these are favored by women to wear with jeans. You can get them in variety of patterns and colors. These help you look casual irrespective of the dress being completely formal. You just need a minimum of accessories to complete the look.

Shirt styled Kurti

These round bottom marvels are both, formal and casual in appearance. You can carry the western formal look easily with these round bottom Kurtis and easily wear these to your work place. These are short in height with a round bottom that is similar to a formal shirt but with comforts of a Kurti.

Kurti with Sadri

A plain Kurti with a Sadri or waistcoat is the pinnacle of sophisticated, with a touch of simplicity. This is one of the best outfits that can be worn with jeans. You just need to be careful to match the color style of your plain Kurti and jeans and you are good to go. A scarf can be added to increase the style quotient.

Pakistani straight Kurtis

This ankle or knee length simple Kurtis is highly sought after style. Paired with a jean these look absolutely stunning and provide a comfortable and gorgeous alternative for the modern women. These Kurtis looks best in darker shades and should be matched accordingly with jeans.

Slit Kurti

The latest in Indian fashion, these slitted beauties are one of the most popular types of Kurtis. These Kurtis, has a slit that originates at the upper part and covers its entire length. This is a fashionable alternative that looks good on jeans, you can personalize it on the basis of color combinations and patterns to create a style of your own.

Asymmetrical Kurtis

The length of the front and back are not equal in length thereby giving the Kurti its name. These Kurtis satisfies your need to customize your apparel and by going beyond the routine Salwar Kameez these help you attain your style quotient.

Kameez style and Anarkali Kurtis

The best in style with a touch of simplicity has made the Anarkali Kurtis, a preferred choice of today’s women. You get to customize your dress as per your personal choice from an array of beautiful Anarkali Kurti alternatives. A Kameez style Kurti is traditional in appearance and they have a formal and professional look. It's a cross of traditional Kameez and a modern style Kurti.

You can wear jeans and easily style it with a Kurti to match the occasion. The comfort of wearing a Kurti with jeans is unmatchable. It gives you complete confidence in your attire and is suitable for casual as well as a formal occasion.