Kute Blackson

LA Author inspires women to breakthrough mental barriers to attain emotional freedom during an upcoming women's seminar  

Los Angeles, CA – Kute Blackson, national best-selling author of You.Are.The.One and world renowned self-help teacher, holds a women’s seminar revealing how to decode men and unmask hidden barriers and limitations so you can live the life you deserve at the 2017 Man Breakthrough Experience (MBE) on May 5th through the 7th.


“In your life, you attract the mirror manifestation of a man that reflects the level of your own evolution,” Blackson says. “Love will often bring up within you those parts and assets of yourself where healing is necessary.”


During the 2.5 day seminar, Blackson will use a unique and proven process he developed over the years to help women identify their barriers, break down their walls of limitations, shift negative, repetitive patterns and allow you to live the life you desire.


If you are:

• In a relationship and yearn a deeper and more intimate connection with your partner

• A single woman with a sincere desire to experience true love/emotional growth in a relationship

• Tired of feeling unfulfilled and want to understand how men work

• Constantly in and out of shallow relationships with no emotional growth

• Drained from repeating the same old patterns of self-sabotage that destroy your relationships with men


Ladies, who understands men better than a man himself? In this interactive, eye opening experience, women will be transformed and see that loving yourself and breaking down your own personal barriers is the first step to finding long-lasting love.


A 2016 MBE attendee and client of Blackson, Angela Fuentes, says, “The seminar transformed my life in ways I didn’t even expect. It’s not just about learning about men or relationships; it’s about learning yourself. If you’re ready for an extreme breakthrough to free your heart and mind, this is the seminar for you.”


Whether you are single, in a relationship, a successful woman, a college student, a stay at home mother, this seminar is for you. MBE is about transforming yourself internally to free yourself in being the fullest expression of love.



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