Labatt USA

Labatt USA Parent-Company, North American Breweries to Become FIFCO USA

Rochester, New YorkFIFCO, a global beverage company based in Costa Rica, today announced that it will change the name of North American Breweries, its USA-based beer and alcoholic beverage business to FIFCO USA. The new name better aligns the business while leveraging FIFCO’s triple bottom line strategy that prioritizes people, planet and profit.  FIFCO is recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

“We’re bringing our way of doing business to our beer company in the United States,” said Adrian Lachowski, CEO of FIFCO USA. “The United States provides a great opportunity to expand our business while positively impacting society and the environment by using our triple bottom line approach. We have already connected our business functions to share best practices across our core markets. We now plan to reduce the footprints of our brands and breweries and create positive value in the communities where we operate.”

In addition to the name change, FIFCO USA earlier this year: named a new Chief Executive Officer and Chief Sales Officer, restructured the sales team and added 30 new sales positions; introduced Seagram’s Spiked, the most successful new product in the company’s history; and completed a $50 million investment to transform its Genesee Brewery into a world-class facility. FIFCO aligned all professional and functional areas of the company, created a global supply chain department and added a new Supply Chain Director and a new Manufacturing Director to oversee global operations.

“We’ve done the work to position ourselves for future expansion in the United States,” said Lachowski. “This is the next step to embrace the purpose and values of FIFCO and fully connect our brands to consumers in our core markets. By becoming FIFCO USA, we will leverage FIFCO’s resources, 6,500 employees and best practices throughout the Latin American region and North America to reach our full potential.” 


FIFCO USA, headquartered in Rochester, New York is among the top 10 brewers in the United States. Following a triple bottom line business strategy, FIFCO USA prioritizes people, planet and profits to drive business results, reduce social and environmental footprints, create positive value in the community and engage stakeholders. FIFCO USA’s portfolio includes: Labatt USA in Buffalo, New York; The Genesee Brewing Company in Rochester, New York; The Magic Hat Brewing Company in Burlington, VT; Portland Brewing Company in Portland, OR; and Pyramid Brewing in Seattle, WA; The breweries each have a brew house focused on delivering a customer experience around the beer. FIFCO USA also owns top flavored malt beverage brands including: Seagram’s Escapes, which has experienced nine consecutive years of growth; and Seagram’s Spiked, which is the #3 new flavored malt beverage franchise in the total U.S. beer category for 2018. FIFCO USA also imports and markets the Imperial brand of beer in the U.S. Along with its own brands, FIFCO USA contract brews beer and other alcoholic beverages on behalf of other alcoholic beverage companies. FIFCO USA promotes smart consumption of all its beverages.