Why “we don’t watch TV anymore” is a myth!

You’re probably be thinking about what point am I going to get from this article? Right? Well, here’s it what you’re looking for.

Long gone were the days when the cable TV supplier comes to your place to set up a piece of equipment for the TV. Nowadays, many of us prefer to watch almost anything online. But what is more important to note that this trend towards watching everything online hasn’t killed the old classical TV-watching ritual, but only converted this habit of ours into something revolutionary and convenient in the form of streaming TV. This streaming medium allows us to watch our favorite TV shows and movies whenever we want and however we want in any of our devices. Although you stream it online, the concept of watching TV is instilled in the very concept of streaming media.

Although it has evolved into something extraordinary, the primary instinct of TV has never been changed. It’s a very basic necessity for almost all of us, and the importance of TV is far more than we can imagine in our lives. If used properly, it is a medium that improves our mental capabilities, increases our horizon, gives a shape to our ideas, encourages literacy, and provides entertainment. It is the best way to get the latest information and news and to provide entertainment through movies and TV shows.

It is not merely a source of entertainment for us but also a great opportunity for learning as well. It broadens the perspective of us by showing the nuances of different cultures, promotes tolerance towards other people and cultures, and offers global understanding, it also encourages scientific and cultural curiosity via current affairs, portraying lifestyle, showing informative TV shows, share scientific discoveries, and other informative material as well. It has evidently become a vital part of everybody lives, and, if used properly, it contributes in a positive manner to broaden the intellectual horizons of people, and it will, certainly, continue to have a strong influence on upcoming generations of ours as well.

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