Frontier’s Latest Updation and Targets for the Coming Years

Frontier Communication announces that the company has exceeded their milestones set for all 29 states. Their reach is more than 50 percent of households that come under the CAF program of the FCC. Adding more to that, their broadband access has now reached to more than 895,000 household users. This comprises of users who use high-end internet speeds as a result of their network upgrade process. These improvements were possible by investment done by CAF and Frontier Capital Investment. These helped to reach more than 35 percent households by the end of the year 2017. 


Broadband is one of the most important element of the rural population in America. It provides businesses and consumers to benefit from internet connectivity. The Trump Administration has signaled that they have a stake in the information access to the internet. They want to find ways that can help fund rural areas where the cost of connectivity is high.  


According to Mark D. Nielsen, the company has hit their target with the CAF program. They want to continue their custom to provide high speed internet to more communities in the next three year period. At the moment the company is looking forward to market more and improved speeds. Also, a door to door sales campaign along with direct calls are being done for the purpose. There are many regions that will be able to enjoy speeds of up to 25 Mbps and above.  


Frontier Los Angeles now looks forward to provide users with broadband services. This will help users to have high speed connectivity in regions and states that are CAF eligible. That makes up more than 770,000 households.