Internet Safety and Online Friendships

Having the ease of internet at home at all times is a blessing one enjoys when they have a good service provider. Not everyone is lucky in terms of finding the right provider in the right place. This is especially true during the moving process, when we are often clueless and stressed all at once. The fault lies in the fact that we have limited knowledge about the place we’re moving to typically, and it is difficult to ask around the neighborhood such questions when you have hardly settled in. What you do is you take a little time, observe around, create a space for yourself in the area, and then engage yourself in comfortable conversations regarding the issues you face, and the issues that you might face in the near future.


The next thing you have on your mind is family safety. You want your children to be completely secure from outside harms, and it is completely understandable why you would want that. When we speak of harms, we speak of every version of harm that crosses your mind, be it unsafe online engagements, road safety, school scandals, social pressures, etc.. Even if you are overcautious when it comes to the subject of your family’s security, it is obviously logical. The way times have technologically evolved, one cannot help but be careful of the worldly evils that your children can easily slip into, despite our constant care and concern.

 Given all these facts, the life we lead now has become prone to unforeseen dangers, and we must protect our families and society in general. In this article, we will talk about all those social dangers that we need to protect our children from. We will also discuss the consequences that people may fall into, given the unsafe environment.

·        Virtual Reality Through Social Media Forums

An online existence has been constructed that has created a number of social media forums where people exercise their complete freedom to be whoever they want to be. While it sounds great and liberating, one cannot overlook how alarming the consequences of such a freedom of expression could have. Let’s say you meet someone on one of these platforms. In reality, they might be shy, composed, and sweet mannered. But on social media, they live a dark existence. You get confused over which side of the person you should believe in, or you simply adjust to the idea that people can have multiple sides to them. We cannot deny the fact that it still is alarming knowing that people are not exactly how they seem to us on the surface. 

·        Online Dating

Sometimes, immature minds cannot decipher the way a forum should be used. They get carried away by its outward attraction and completely ignore the hidden evils. For example, there are a plethora of dating sites that display profiles of individuals who are looking for a partner. One can look at the profiles and find them all true and authentic, but later find that people create a fake version of themselves for these sites. It is usually too late when people do realize it, and sometimes one cannot bear the harm it causes. As such, one must be careful of the usage of these sites. You should teach your children regarding the security risks associated with these forums and platforms.

·        Online Unsafe Searching

If you have children younger than 18, you have a huge responsibility of keeping check on what they search online. Sometimes there is explicit content on websites that you do not want your children to see, lest it could have a negative impact on their innocence and naivety.

Here is what you should do: when you get a service like Spectrum internet or Spectrum Voice, make sure you let them know the privacy and security settings you want on your systems. They will most likely be cooperative and help you if you share your concerns with them before getting the equipment installed.