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Protect Your Investment at A Plus Carpet Cleaning

Lawton, Oklahoma – An essential task to keep your home feeling good and cozy is by keeping it clean. Since your home is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle, it is important to maintain it. Maintaining your home means you have to clean every part of it, including your carpets. Since carpets are a luxury due to its softness and warmness, you would want to invest some time to keep it at its finest condition for many years to come. While there are plenty of things you can do to keep it clean on a daily basis, it is recommended to hire professionals for your Lawton carpet cleaning for the more difficult tasks.

Beyond vacuuming just on a daily, you can benefit from having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. This is especially for jobs that include water damage, wet carpets, stubborn grease stains, and more. Not only can they do this quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price, but they also make use of machines and products that are designed for the job. Many homeowners believe that they can easily get these machines and products at the store, but they do not compare to what the professionals use.

A Plus Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Services is a team of professionals who have been providing carpet cleaning in Lawton, OK since 1992. They specialize in commercial and residential properties to keep your area clean and fresh. Over the years clients have relied on this company in keeping homes or offices free from any harmful allergens throughout the area.

Their team of professionals continue to remain on top of the industry standards and they know exactly what it takes to protect your investment. They have cleaned numerous homes and they understand how a clean carpet should not only look good, but it should be clean in order to prevent any health concerns for you and your loved ones.

Their carpet cleaning is done through their “hot water extraction process” which is also known as “steam cleaning.” Their cleaning method will thoroughly clean and remove any stains, dirty, and allergens that are trapped deep within the fibers of your carpet. This will leave your carpets as fresh and clean as the first time you bought it. They believe that each one of their customers deserve an A+ experience and nothing less!

If you had a flood, water leak, burst pipe, among others, you can call up their team of professionals if any water damage occurs. A Plus Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Services understands how critical time can be when this occurs. For this reason, they offer their customers carpet water damage restoration as well so that you have a higher chance of bringing it back to its original state.

If you have carpet deterioration, it is most likely caused from improper installation which can lead to unsightly wrinkles in your carpet. Once the carpet backing starts deteriorating, it can no longer be corrected. In this case, it requires immediate repair. Their team of professionals can gently stretch your carpet and bring it back to its original condition and prevent it from further damage.

Aside from that, they offer carpet repair services. Their team of professionals are fully trained to repair split seams, ripples, tears, and burns in all types of carpets. They provide stain removal due to coffee, wine, juice, ink, pet urine, and other unwanted stains and spills, leaving your carpet as good as new. Whether your carpet is in need of stretching patching, color restoration, or water damage repair, their company is here for you! With all the foot traffic that happens on a daily basis, at some point your carpet will show signs of wear and tear.

Call up A Plus Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Services for your carpet cleaning in Lawton, OK. All estimates and consultations are free and they can guarantee that 100% of their work is insured. They offer their customers military and senior discounts while giving a portion of their earnings to charity. They believe that with their success, they should give back to those who are in need. Do not waste your money to replace your carpets, but instead, A Plus gives you the option to bring back your carpet’s aesthetic value by preserving your investment. Contact them at (580) 678-2927 or visit them at to know more.