7 Tips for Preventing Project Manager Burnout

Project management is a demanding field that can wear down even the most dedicated employees. If you feel like you are getting close to the point of burning out, consider these seven tips to help rejuvenate you and keep you ready to face any challenge.

1: Make Sure to Unplug Occasionally

If you work in project management for a while, it can feel like you’re married to your job. Despite this, take time off as appropriate. Don’t skip vacations. When you take this time off, make sure to turn off your email and focus on things that give you pleasure outside of work.

2: Keep a Consistent Break Schedule

While the work day can be an ever-shifting thing with new tasks changing the flow of your job, you should be able to rely on consistent break and lunchtimes. Try to space these out evenly so you can get a rest every two or three hours. Doing so helps keep your batteries charged for longer.

3: Get to Know Your Employees

Take the time to talk to your employees about things outside of work. Get to know them as people rather than just coworkers who you manage. By doing this, you’ll see the people around you more as friends, which will give you a boost during your day.

4: Pay Attention to Your Body

Long hours and hard work can sometimes cause you to ignore essential nutrition or create a lack of sleep in your day to day schedule. Make sure to avoid this by scheduling time to exercise, giving yourself plenty of rest, and eating right. If you take care of your body, your mind will follow.

5: Keep Your Employees Happy

Creating a happier and healthier work environment can help decrease the chance of burnout. Consider setting up a rewards program for your employees or setting some time aside for a group fun time. If this means losing a few hours out of a work day, it will make up for it through better cohesion, morale, and efficiency. In turn, you will feel more energized by the people around you.

6: Be Realistic with Assignments

Take a moment to realistically assess your project goals and determine whether they are attainable. If you set goals that are too lofty for your resources, you will find yourself frustrated and more likely to burn out. By keeping challenging but manageable goals, you will allow yourself to experience some successes to keep you going.

7: Focus on Your Passions

Why are you a project manager in the first place? Whether it is posting your raison d’être on your office wall or just taking a moment each day to remind yourself why you do your job, keeping your passions in mind can help keep a project in perspective. Most project managers like doing what they do – you just need to remember why this role fits your passions well.

By utilizing the tips above and making use of web project management software you will be able to reduce burnout while also improving your overall mental health and wellness. This will guarantee a better project and a healthier you especially if you can handle SaaS project management.