5 Tips to Treat the Common Cold

We all know how unpleasant and ugly ordinary cold can get especially if not treated properly. There are dozens of methods and means of dealing with it starting from drinking warm tea to taking serious antibiotics. But what can actually help you deal with it without spending much money and effort to get back to normal? We consulted one family doctor in Calgary and one family doctor in Edmonton on the matter. As a result you can find five most basic and still effective ways to treat cold at home.

First and foremost thing that you need to understand about the cold is that is a virus. According to professional Kelowna family doctors, it is always better to prevent yourself from catching it. But, if you got unfortunate, then you can only treat symptoms of a cold to get better. So below you can find tips on treating precise symptoms from our experts in Calgary and Edmonton.

Stuffy nose. In case you got a stuffy nose, a variety of decongestants can help you deal with it. If you get in touch with Kelowna family doctors, you are likely to get either phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine as remedies. The latter will be better for cases when you need to open up the nasal passages and it is 100% safe for kids. The beneficial part is that this treatment works for as long as 12-hour period and lets you go through work day without a hitch. With the help of such relief period you will feel better and safer throughout the day.

Runny nose. In case you already have running nose, Toronto family physicians advise opting for antihistamines, for instance diphenhydramine or loratadine. Both are nasal drops that are safe for the whole family use. The former will work better for nights because it tends to make you sleepy, and the latter will be great for the daytime in order to avoid drowsiness.

Fever and body aches. At this point your main goal is to get your body temperature back to normal. Family doctor in Calgary usually prescribes patients ibuprofen while explains that any other anti-inflammatories treatment will also work pretty well.

Sore throat. In case you have a sore throat family doctor from Edmonton advises to use old-school methodology – take home-made honey and cut some lemon into it; mix together and eat a spoon of mixture every couple of hours. If you are more into medical treatments, you can use sugar-free lozenges and different throat sprays.

Cough. According to the same Toronto family doctor, honey and lemon will also work great for coughing people. Otherwise, you need to opt for an ordinary cough syrup. The important point here is that cough is connected to the stuffed nose, so to get rid of both faster, pay more attention to the nose in the first place. In case no “peoples” remedies have worked out for you, do not put aside the idea to check with Toronto family physicians and get professional point of view on your case.