Erin N. Panepucci

Erin Panepucci Has Many Years of Experience as an Academic Coordinator

Erin N. Panepucci, Elgin IL

Erin Panepucci has many years of experience as an Academic Coordinator. She is skilled in handling multiple calls and scheduling appointments while meeting the assignment goals. She can take care of every important aspect of the office right from evaluating client needs, directing them to appropriate departments, to performing inventory check and reconciling orders & auditing for inaccuracies. Additionally, she can assist the management with planning and executing special events and workshops.

Erin Panepucci’s experience as an Academic Coordinator also involves helping students with degree completion planning and tracking class progression. She taught lessons and conducted information sessions on various subjects related to education and career planning. She has collaborated with administrators and instructors to ensure the success of students. She has always been appreciated for her excellent multi-tasking ability and communication skills (both written and verbal). She is also proficient in various Microsoft tools like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and One Note.

Erin Panepucci has also served as an Administrative Assistant. She has handled multiple responsibilities for processing purchase orders, monitoring proper shipment, and ensuring timely delivery to vendors and distributors. Erin has graduated from the California State University, San Marcos, with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. She got her professional start as an Elementary school teacher, and taught individual and small groups, with traditional class sizes, in whole grades K-4.

Erin Panepucci has participated in many voluntary activities and events. She coordinated Teen Health Fair at the Elgin Housing Authority. It was to educate teens on how and why they should make healthy lifestyle choices. The event was attended by different organizations, both big and small. Besides that, she took part in the Dr. Seuss Run for Literacy in Balboa Park located in San Diego. She also participated in Illinois Coalition for Community Services.