Libbey Foodservice

Experience big profits in 2017 with Libbey trend insights

Whether front of the house or behind the bar, no one has more tabletop experience to serve up than Libbey. To help set the table for success, Libbey is opening the door to help you build business with Libbey Professional Insights: Today’s hottest trends, compelling tabletop, bar and hospitality products, channel expertise and masterful presentations that drive ...

Today’s diners expect an experience, and restauranteurs, bartenders, and mixologists must wow! Libbey Professional Insights helps you craft the experiences patrons will remember, creating loyal fans,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of marketing for Libbey Foodservice. “With an eye to what’s hot in the culinary and beverage world, Libbey has developed new and exciting products to help invigorate presentations that keep patrons coming back for more.” 

Libbey is a partner for the foodservice industry, offering a variety of insights and products that help you trend toward extraordinary success.