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Libbey Introduces New Optic Stemware and Entertainment Sets at IH+HS

TOLEDO, OHIO, March 10, 2018 – (NYSE American: LBY) As more consumers bring beverage trends from bars and restaurants to try at home, they want the right glassware for authentic presentations. Understanding and anticipating consumers’ needs is how Libbey® has created an industry-leading position as an innovator of consumer products. Libbey’s latest offerings in stemware and entertainment sets, premiering at the International Home and Housewares Show (IH+HS), were developed based on research insights into what consumers want when purchasing glassware for the home.


Conducted by Libbey in December 2017, the market research, consisting of more than 1,000 participants ages 22 to 65 nationwide (75 percent female and 25 percent male), tested 36 stemware designs developed by Libbey. Of those, four emerged as the consumers’ favorites to create the Optic™ collection of trend-designed stemware:



The overall favorite of the stemware designs

Features groups of parallel lines that twist around the bowl to create an intertwined pattern.



Scored high overall with the group, especially for those from the suburban and urban areas.

Diagonal lines twist around the glass, producing an elegant, subtle look.



Favorite with Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y.

A single swirl wrapping around the glass invokes a theme of continuous movement



Broad appeal over all demographics, especially college graduates.

An updated take on classic stemware featuring a round bowl that creates a sense of elegant simplicity.


The first three patterns will be available in four-piece white wine and red wine sets. The Mazoni set includes a white, red, all-purpose and stemless wine glasses.


“We’ve seen more and more people choosing to keep the party at home over the last few years. They want to entertain at home, but they still want it to feel like an authentic and fun experience,” said Heather Kovacs, product manager, beverageware at Libbey Inc.


The research also provided Libbey with insights into how consumers prefer to buy stemware. Most consumers would choose to purchase stemware in boxed sets (92 percent) rather than open stock, and four-piece sets were the most preferred. Durability and style ranked highest as the most important features and factors in the decision to purchase new stemware.


Libbey will also be debuting new entertainment sets at IH+HS, aligning with beverage and lifestyle trends to make it easy for consumers to celebrate everyday moments at home. These sets are made for fun and include the Beer Party seven-piece set with a pitcher and six pilsner glasses, the Whiskey on the Rocks six-piece set features an ice bucket, four double old-fashioned glasses and tongs, and, for the most upscale of after-dinner parties, the Brandy and Cigar two-piece set features a brandy glass and cigar ashtray.


“By introducing new stemware and entertainment sets, Libbey continues to lead the market in this space by pairing the right products for the right beverage experiences consumers are looking to create,” Kovacs added. 


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