The next level of fitness

Nowadays there are many of us who are in fact quite preoccupied with the concept of fitness. Reading as much as we can, trying to consume and then process all the available information out there, relentlessly going through hours and hours of varied fitness routines, just in order to “get where we want to be”.

But little do we pay attention to improvement in fitness as a whole, and so we try to improve one aspect of it over another, just to stick our head in it later on, realizing that we do not possess even an “F” from fitness.

Fitness as a general concept should represent an altogether healthy individual, who despite the looks will also have a wide spectrum of improved physical abilities, out of which there will be no apparent distinction when considering progress.

What are all the aspects of fitness?

Going through all of them together, we can see there are myriad in fact.

Flexibility, power, strength, endurance, speed, agility, acceleration, stamina, balance, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, and so many others.

To try and pay attention to all of them is humanely impossible. Not even professional athletes possess them all. Many do in fact possess some more than others, and depending on their goal in fitness try to improve them accordingly.

You and I are probably just the same. Most of us are in fact.

Try asking a guy who practices bodybuilding whether he can run a marathon. Or do any yoga position for that matter. The answer will be no, nine out of ten.

Similar to that, try asking a runner whether he can lift 100 pounds on a bench. Same story.

You see, there is not a single physical activity, not one physical discipline, or even a sport that successfully comprises all the aspects of fitness in one.

You must search for yourself which are the exercises, the activities, that will allow you to simultaneously improve various aspects of fitness, and make a routine of your own where you can benefit from all that diversity.

Fitness is nothing without health

As we are understanding fitness as a physical concept in general, we must also try and perceive it as something more. Being healthy is what allows us to be “fit” at the first place. It encapsulates the term fitness in a way. And to a certain extent it goes side by side with it. As we improve our health so do we improve our fitness, and vice versa.

The one without another is just an incomplete circle. And we will only chase our tails around the maypole, if we choose to improve in only one direction.

Using the same logic we can safely say that the pursuit of fitness must not in any way jeopardize our health.

High level of fitness can also represent a mindset

The mind takes control over our body, over our emotions, how we perceive things, what we make of them.

Therefore, we can only call ourselves fit, if we feel like it; if we perceive ourselves as being fit.

It’s a mindset among other things, you see.

Sometimes you can add those extra pounds, lower your cardio endurance, and still be able to do many of the things you did whilst in “extra shape”.

It’s a matter of convincing yourself with the help of your mind, it’s a state of mind after all.

So what is the next level of fitness?

Isn’t it obvious?

It’s not only about myriad of ways in order to achieve a low body fat percentage; or about growing those muscles in order for people to mistake you with the Hulk; not even cardio endurance gives the answer.

It’s all about balance, diversity, simultaneous improvement. It’s also about being healthy and being in a calm and positive state of mind.

Feeling fit, is in a way being fit.

So trying to comprise all of these aspects in one, I will say that the next level of fitness can be achieved only by diversifying your approach towards physical improvement, all the while trying to remain healthy, and feeling relaxed.

If our personalities resemble in a way, then chances are that you are neat and organized, and enjoy making plans and schedules. Great, that’s the first way of approaching your fitness improvement- organization that is.

Do not try improving all aspects one by one, since that’s downright silly. Instead, try choosing exercises, activities, lifestyle that will address all of these at once. You see, the next level in fitness can only be achieved by enjoying various physical activities, and having more diverse lifestyle in the first place.

Try implementing healthy habits into your life, and make them a second nature. So instead of worrying about your health, you can put things on autopilot.

Try different physical activities, and improve your physical fitness through diversity.

Add low cardio, some weight lifting, exercises that use your own body’s weight as resistance, some more intense cardio, sports with ball that require acceleration and constant movement, some long walks and stretches…

It’s up to you to make the most diversified approach. And just keep in mind that the body also needs rest and replenishment.

If you are not that interested in making a science out of it, you can buy some programs like Insanity that will cover all of the fitness aspects for you. I personally, being the fitness addict as I am, tried Insanity and now recommend it to anybody interested in complete physical fitness improvement.

You can also search for a coach that you like to work with, and explain to him what it is that you want, and have a fun ride too.

It’s all up to you.

You are the one who aims for the next level in fitness, so logic goes, you are the one who knows the best what your approach should be.

The next level in fitness is not that hard to achieve. Knowing that it represents an overall improvement you just need to diversify your approach.