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Designing Vs. Branding - Which One Is More Important?

Branding and designing are the two most common terms these days. Though we often hear about them, we hardly understand the difference between them. Designing is all about innovation as well as creativity, so is branding. Basically, designing is an integral part of branding. Great branding incorporates great designs. But, great design may not essential create a good brand. Meaning of the term branding is broader than we generally perceive. Branding gives an identity to a business organization or non-profitable organization. For business branding, primarily a logo is required. Apart from that, many texts, slogans, colourful designs, and many other salient features will be used.

Creating Business Identity

Every business wants to create its unique identity so that it can be recognized by the potential buyers, business partners, investors, etc. An identity is the most important business asset these days. Investing in creating better business identity will help your business to grow as a brand. So, what is more important here – branding or designing? Obviously, branding seems to be more important, but one cannot simply deny the importance of designing too. You need great designs to make your business branding campaign successful. For creating business identity, you need a business logo which should be designed meticulously. Logo must be striking, and for that, designers have to be creative. To enhance brand value of logo, striking colours and captions should be used.

Enhancing Business Profitability

The primary goal of a business is making profits. Profitability of your business shall increase when you can successfully carry out brand marketing campaign. To enhance profitability, you need to enhance sales of products or services. To enhance sales, you need to carry out business campaign to reach the targeted audiences. To grab attention of people quickly, you need good designs. But, in order to convert people into potential customers or buyers, you need exceptionally well planned business branding. So, which is more important here – branding or designing? Well, when it comes to discussing profitability of a business, you cannot deny the power of good branding. Once again designing plays an important role, but it cannot bring profitability on its own.

More Differences between Branding and Designing

Here are some more differences between branding and designing to make you understand their significance in the modern business scenario.

• Designing is conclusive, but branding is a continuous process for a business. Good designs are incorporated in a business campaign so that exceptional branding solutions can be achieved.

• Scopes for innovation and creativity are present in both branding and designing. Designers plan for new things to incorporate in their designs so that the designed layout looks more beautiful or attractive. Branding should be a creative approach; otherwise it would not be effective. Unique branding ideas are often appreciated as they are effective. It brings more business success, profitability and recognition.

• Designs are not always intended to impress certain group of people. But, in case of branding, there should always be an aim to capture the attention of the target audience.

In today’s world, for a business, branding is more important than designing. Branding shall bring recognition, success and profitability for your company.