A few trends that show web application development is changing

With more and more businesses relying on the web, application development plays a crucial role in sustainability. Web application development is emerging and the changes in this field are having a significant affect on the business world.

Here are a few changes web application development is experiencing and ways how you must adapt to these changes.

More hardware diversity

The use of smart phones in the business world has largely increased over the past few years. This has resulted in the growth of responsive design. It has become essential for web applications to adapt to diverse screen sizes as well as interfaces.

Earlier, when applications were designed for desktop and different browsers, they are now designed for different screens and resolutions. This calls for the developer to determine the hierarchy, along with what is important, such as logo, navigation, phone, and more.

Not only this, the developers have to take care of speeds of different devices. They need to ensure that everything is clean and gets the best load time.

More focus on tools

Owing to the increased complexity of web portal development, developers have to be more skilled. They need to comprehend the architecture, database, security, front end layout, and more.

This has led to greater emphasis on tools. New libraries, tools, and frameworks evolve that not only enhance the productivity but also help developers improve their skills.

Use of tools has automated manual work, which saves a lot of time. Automation tools also help correct syntax mistakes, format your code, and perform a large number of other things.

Greater emphasis on user experience

The increasing popularity of mobile apps among consumers helped them learn how to expect the easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces found in mobile applications.

With the change in user expectations, developers have to work on the user experience. Developers who fail to deliver simple, intuitive interfaces are more likely to struggle with user adoption.

Increased demand for APIs

Businesses used to run their software in-house in the past. However, today a large number of businesses are going for SaaS options that meet particular needs of users. They might make use of one service for collaboration and another for CRM. Additionally, they might design their own reporting apps.

The applications must deliver a way to integrate and communicate with other applications. This has resulted in quick growth in APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This trend will increase in future.

Rich interactivity

There are many web applications that behave like native apps. However, this switch to faster as well as more powerful web applications needs a shift in development methods.

There has been a shift from server side development to client side development. With servers becoming powerful, a large amount of conventional server side work is now switching to the client side.

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