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Are you a do it yourself type person who wants to install your new toilet yourself. That's probably no problem if you're a mechanically inclined type of person with a little plumbing knowledge.


Important parts of a new toilet installation

Your toilet Rough-In measure?

If you are building a new house or building and adding a bathroom and want to install a toilet, you will have to do a so-called toilet-rough first. A rough-in can best be described as the distance from the wall where the back of the toilet will go to the exact middle of the plumbing drain pipe for your new toilet.

The most common toilet intake is 12 inches, but it is not unusual to see 10-inch and 14-inch rough-ins (raw ins of 10 and 14 inches are usually found in older homes).


How do professionals measure the size of the rough-in? First, they make sure they measure the distance from the flat part of the wall and not from the list. Shapes can be more than an inch thick and if you measure it, it can really throw the rough-in measurement away. Many professionals will tell you that the exchange distance is usually the distance to the two flange bolts for toilet pots (if your toilet has four flange bolts, measure the flange bolts that are closest to the wall).


The rough-in-measurement is also not rocket science, so if you are within a ½ inch of the desired exchange distance, it would be good to continue with your new toilet installation. You can always install a toilet with a smaller setup than the one you have, but you have a larger gap between the back of the toilet and the wall. You cannot install a toilet that requires a larger rough-in than the one you have in place.


Other ways to make sure that your new toilet fits into the space you want to install


Toilet fit is an extremely critical part of buying a new toilet. This is particularly true when installing a new toilet in a smaller bathroom or in an unusually small room like in a half bath that is under a staircase. If you get a toilet that's too big, it can make your bathroom difficult to use or stop your project until you have the right toilet.

Most toilet manufacturers will make downloadable specification sheets available online. These are schematic drawings that tell you every measurement that has the new toilet that you are thinking about buying. You will know that your new toilet will fit in every possible way.


These specification sheets tell you things like the height of the toilet seat, the height and width of your toilet tank and the length of the back of the toilet to the tip of the front of the bowl. Once you have this information, you can make sure that you buy a toilet that fits comfortably in the room where you want it to drop.


How to make sure that a wall hung toilet in the room in your bathroom fits


Wall toilets can be checked in the same way as toilets on the floor with one big exception. The rough-in for this kind of toilets is measured from the floor to the middle of the drain pipe on the wall.


The manufacturers of wall toilets will also normally have a downloadable specification sheet online. Make sure that you check all the important toilet measurements that are found on it again to make sure that the toilet you are considering buying is in the right way in the room in your bathroom suits.


Use the information you learned in this article also to your advantage. Also check out the useful tips and information in the Buying guide. If you use the information provided, you give yourself a better chance to find the right flush toilet on the market for your needs.

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