The Power of Google And How To Harness It

Google is undeniably the forerunner in online search engine. Almost everyone “googles” something once a day. Google introduces hundreds or thousands of articles and websites to netizens and not to mention the ads that people usually see at the top of every search results page.

It will therefore be of great help to your business if you will learn and understand how Google works.

Optimizing for Mobile Web

Google has shifted its priorities and turn to mobile first web. It means that the websites and online media should be compatible for mobile usage. This move towards mobile usage is not surprising considering the number of smartphones in the world is five times that of the laptops or desktops.

Users nowadays also spend more of their time on a mobile device which paved way for cellular companies to offer unlimited data plans. It has also been reported that 61% of the netizens view more favorably brands with mobile sites than those without. In fact, those brands with websites that are compatible for mobile reported an increase in their sales by 62%!

The shift of Google, however, is not actually for the business owners but for Google’s users. Still, it will not hurt to take cues from Google and adapt to the ever-changing environment of the internet.

Always Indicate Your Location

Apparently, majority of mobile searches are with regard to the location, address, and phone number of a business. It is then very important to always indicate these information on your website and in any other article or page that your business has.

Take advantage also of Google’s My Business and have your business listed on it. Your physical store will get the exposure it deserves if it puts itself out there in the internet with the help of Google. The best option to stay on top of things is to get a good business website design company that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Let Google’s Autocomplete Do The Work

Google’s autocomplete is a very help feature for both users and business owners. For the former, it saves them time when typing in the search bar and for the latter, it gives them an avenue to suggest to the users that their businesses or at least their line of business exists.

So how does Google’s autocomplete work? This feature is actually based on how the keyword you’re typing has been previously searched for. Google will then predict, according to what’s trending, what it is you are likely looking for. Google based its predictions mostly on your location and language used. It will also take a look at your previous searches that are related to the current one.

Google will then rank its suggestions. As a precaution, Google tries to weed out searches that imply hate or violence and those related to race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other sensitive topics.

It Pays To Follow Google's Lead

Google has a lot more of features that a business owner can take advantage. Since it does things for the benefits of the user, it will not hurt to take cues from their system and adapt accordingly. Do not