How to Choose Your First Self-Defense Weapon

Most women find it quite tricky to choose a self-defense weapon apart from the gun. The use of guns appears to be the most useful obvious choice. However, guns don’t provide a full-proof defense because the attacker can snatch it away from you with a lot of ease. Also, its not always possible to grab a gun with a lot of ease if the attacker takes you by surprise.

Most people believe that the use pf martial arts training for self-defense is the most reliable solution. Some of the elements that enhance the use of martial arts as a popular self-defense mechanism is its versatility and accessibility. The challenge is that most women have smaller bodies than men and attackers normally have the physical advantage. This disqualifies this method from the top choices.

It is very hard for an average woman to overtake a man physically unless they carry the best self-defense weapons or are professionally trained. Inherent height and strength disadvantages imply that even the most extensive training may not be sufficient. Irresponsible or incorrect self-defense training can even may make the women more vulnerable by choosing to fight. There comes a time when you need to use the slightest opportunity that comes your way to escape.

Self Defense Weapons for Women

Apart from the gun, there are several tools and mechanism that women can use for self-defense. In my opinion, self defense skills training for women should primarily focus on how to effectively use the available self defense weapons. As a woman, you need to understand that physical defense is not the best option if you want to defeat the attacker. In fact, it ends up stimulating the attacker in most cases.

You could be wondering what the whole idea of self defense could be looking like. One this you need to understand is that this is more of a practical element. Don’t always think about the gun when looking for self-defense. Most women don’t have the physical strength and kind of a figure that can ward away the attackers. Therefore, you always need to arm yourself with a self-defense weapon that has the potential to protect you. There are four indicators that you can use to measure the effectiveness of the self-defense weapon for women.


The function and shape of the self defense weapon you choose can block the tracks of the attacker. However, choosing a weapon that is sufficiently effect will force the attacker to retreat forever. Therefore, be keen to choose a tool that is not going that will not make the attacker to change his tactics but disappear forever. You can get some ideas and women self-defense options from the website.

Easy to Access

The most effective self-defense products are the ones that you can hide with a lot of ease. Confirm whether their appearance is obvious and whether you can use them with immediate effect. You need a tool that you can hide from the enemy but access it with a lot of ease when the right time comes.


Ask yourself whether you are in a position to stop the attack effectively and quickly. This also relates to attack and deterrence after using the self-defense weapons to launch a self-defense. Check the effectiveness of the tool and choose to get the most effective one.


You need to evaluate whether the self defense tool you are choosing is portable. Apart from looking on the weight and the size of the weapon you are carrying, confirm whether is has the ability to all the security checks at various airports, subways, and even stations. 

With all the above attributes of the best self-defense weapons for women, modern self defense products continue to be highly innovative. These tools are giving most women all over the world the most reliable protection. We also have some self-defense tools that are quite surprising. Just make sure that you are choosing a reliable self-defense product and you will be safe.