The efficiency of a flexible robot arm

Technology is evolving each day. It brings about changes in rules and trends. For survival in this century, it is crucial to keep up with emerging technologies and innovation. Manufacturing industry is an area where technology should be highly applied for better competitiveness in the market. This prevents its extinction.

Advancement in technology has brought about creation of robots. A robot that is heavily utilized in the manufacturing sector is the flexible robot arm. This robot is programmed to perform the same or similar functions of a human arm. It is however more effective and efficient than a human arm.

A flexible robot arm is used in industries to perform functions that include the following:

·        Holding materials

·        Picking and placing

·        Painting

·        Welding

·        Assembling 

·        Lab analysis

·        Palletizing

Flexible robot arms are different in terms of the weight of the load they can carry and the tasks they can perform. Nevertheless, most flexible robot arms can be easily reprogrammed to perform different tasks and meet the needs of the industry. Additionally, when using this flexible robot arm, the safety of the operator is not compromised because they are more of collaborative robots. Collaborative robots are programmed in a way that they will strictly follow some safety standards that ensure that they do not hurt humans.

Characteristics of flexible robot arms

Flexible and agile :

As discussed earlier, flexible robot arms can be easily reprogrammed or modified to perform different tasks. Its agility hastens its deployment even more.

Condensed :

The parts of a flexible robot arm are closely condensed making to be small in size. This allows it to occupy a small operating space in the industry.


Easy to set up :

Flexible robot arms are programmed in a way that it can be easily set up by individuals with little or no programming skills. Therefore outsourcing more programmers is not frequently needed. This is enabled by their patented technology and intuitive 3D visualization.

Collaborative and safe :

Operators of flexible robot arms can safely work in close proximity with it.

Easy to update :

Flexible robot arms can be easily updated by adding some more external features to enable it perform efficiently in a market with emerging changes and trends.

Applies a 360’ task approach :

Flexible robot arms are able to rotate in different angles. Therefore it can make flexible movements when performing multiple tasks. For instance; when picking and placing components or materials.


Why use a flexible robot arm?

Using a flexible robot arm has numerous advantages that include the following:

Improved quality :

The high accuracy of flexible robot arms gives it the ability of producing visually appealing and high quality products.

High productivity :

Flexible robot arms have high precision and do not deviate due to fatigue. Lack of fatigue keeps their high productivity constant and their high precision optimize on the production.

Improves the workplace behavior :

When automation is used for perform tasks in environments that are not human friendly, the employee behavior improves. This is because they are allowed to work in more conducive environments. Some of cases where automation should be considered include; working in a contaminated environment, performing repetitive work, heavy lifting and handling tasks that continuously require high levels of concentration.

Reduction in cost of production :

Purchasing a robot may be relatively expensive but once it is installed it makes high returns very fast. When compared with the wages of many employees the operation cost is cut. Additionally, the cost of legislation for employees working in hazardous environments is eliminated.

Ability to adjust to emerging trends :

 Due to globalization, the life time of a product is reduced hence the need for its improvements or invention of new products. Since a flexible robot arm can be easily updated and reprogrammed, it can be easily adjusted to respond to the emerging changes in the market thereby increasing the competitiveness of the industry’s products.

Globalization has made competitiveness of a company dependent on utilization of advanced technologies. From the above illustrations, it is evident that a flexible robot arm is suitable for increasing the competitiveness of a company which results to increased profit.