Understanding the important factors that create an amazing SEO strategy

SEO has been booming a lot in the market these days. So, if it is booming, it is reaching too many people including your competitors. So, how does it guarantee to benefit you ahead of your competitors?

As an answer to this question, one must understand the things that are required to make up a great SEO campaign. The better your campaign and strategy will be, better will be results for you. SEO strategy dish, add many spices in it which need to be added to your plan, in order to make it a perfect deal. SEO strategy is basically playing with keywords and making sure your website is best benefited by the keywords. It is the SEO strategy that can make or break your business.

Many factors influence and strategize the flow of traffic to your site organically. Since SEO is about organic marketing; all efforts have to be put it to ensure it reaches to the customer via search results. It has to be pro-active instead of reactive.

Let us learn a few factors that make up your recipe of a great SEO strategy:

Content distribution:

Your website content shouldn’t be the one that you think is perfect for reading. You want the customer to buy your product or service, isn’t it? So, it should be as per customer. When talking about the customer, your content must interact with the customer, and therefore it is important how you distribute your content to the website. Chances of your content being chosen by the search engine for search results are much better when your website content is organized and distributed well. This applies not only to the written content, but the way internal pages are defined and linked to each other is also important.

The search engine must be able to navigate through your website easily and pick the best result possible. A hodgepodge website is not liked by the search engine and usually gets excluded from the results followed by a failure. 

Another factor in content distribution in SEO strategy is that not only your written content, i.e. any description should contain the keywords, but your tags, titles, links, web address should also be focused on those keywords. This will only increase the probability of your website being shown up in the top search results.

Keyword optimization:

Keywords are one of the most important parts in Search Engine Optimization. It is those best-performing keywords only that decide the fate of your website reach to build traffic. Keyword research is a key step that must be done carefully with applied expertise, in order to understand, pick and place the best keywords in your content for the results. Here, different pictures are seen in the market.


Many SEO companies focus on the best performing keywords, while there is a gradually growing important about long tail keywords. The difference is that normal, yet best performing keywords will give you traffic, but long tail keywords will give your customers. It is less likely that a person typing “Shoes” in the search box will buy the product, while it is more likely that the person typing “Adidas shoe 8 UK size” will be ready with the wallet to make the purchase. This is why long tail keywords are an important part of SEO strategy.



An intelligent thing about the search engine is that it not only picks up the web results based on just a keyword presence in the content, it also looks for the quality of your website and content. Quality is defined here in terms that how good is your website being referenced as a link at other places. This increases the marks of your website and chances too. Better reference means a more trustworthy website. This makes a search engine to show up your website more than other websites that are also in the race of SEO. Quality and trust are the factors that bring you ahead, and this factor is greatly dependent on the links that have your website mentioned.


Social presence:

With the growth of social media, it has not only personal profiles, but also the profiles of the business. Because it is a common sense that people love to interact via social media, be it their friend or any brand. There are lots and lots of followers that can be gained via social media presence. All giant players in every field have huge social media presence; this is a point to learn for your firm as well.


Social presence gives you more hints and opportunities to create brand value and let your updates reach to your customers quickly without any effort of theirs to open your website, just to check the updates. Also, your social media presence affects your search results, as somehow, it is also a web link and is not excluded during a search operation. This is also a key tool in SEO strategy.

These are just the main ingredients that we have discussed; however, many other spices must be understood to gain the complete essence of SEO marketing strategy. Those spices are metadata description, visual content, outbound links, the speed of the website, heaviness of the website and many more.

One point that affects here is the involvement of SEO service provider companies. There must be a research and analysis done by the business team who require SEO marketing, about the companies. They must also be trustworthy, experienced in the field and have all the resources available. Companies like Vision Smash who have earned a good repo by showing excellent results are an example.

With an understanding of these ingredients to cook a good SEO strategy, one can gain good heights in less time. Once these points are clear, immediate next step for you is to research a bit to get the best company who can provide the best results and then, implement it. However, proper research of customer demographics, social media presence, competitors’ strategy, and market revenue, is a must.