Getting Ready For Your New Home – Secrets Revealed!

So after a lot of research and hard work, you’ve finally found your dream home, and you can’t wait to shift in. But, the problem arises when you have to prepare yourself and your belongings for the upcoming move. Not only you have to consider packing and transportation, but also needs to pay attention to your new house to make it ready and comfortable for yourself.

First things first, make a to-do checklist to streamline things you need to do before moving your valuable possessions. Decluttering is a great idea as it will help you get rid of the things you don’t need any longer. There is no denying the fact that house moving can be truly challenging and nerve wracking at times. Especially, when you’re not certain about how to conduct it efficiently. Planning is a key here. Try to plan your moving process at least 8 to 9 weeks before the final move so that you can get enough time to move and settle down things.

As far as your new house is concerned, make sure to carefully review the inspection report. There are certain things you’ll get along with the house but obviously you might need to install some other important things that are not part of the package.

Also, during the house visit with an agent, be certain to assess plumbing leaks, electrical fixtures, drainage system and other relevant aspects to avoid any further disturbance.

Getting Ready For Your New Home

Apart from these basic issues, also pay attention to the below-listed factors that can help you transform your house into your dream home.

1.House Cleaning

Weather you have built a custom house or rented a flat or an apartment, you have to make sure that it is sparkling before moving in. The clutter in the house should be disposed of to prevent various health issues such as allergies and skin or eyes infections. Also, a clean house triggers more interest to arrange your articles and also improves the overall aesthetics and appeal of your house.

You can either do the cleaning job yourself or can also acquire services of a professional cleaning company to do this task for you. 

2.Transfer Utilities

If you haven’t informed the utilities companies about your move, it’s time now to get them notified about your requirements respecting transfer of gas, electricity and sewer into your name. In certain cases, these utilities are transferred by the escrow companies, but it would be great if you get these issues resolved on time to avoid confusion.

3.Install a proper Security System

One of the most important things you should consider before moving to your new house is to install a proper security system for your home. You need to feel secure and protected whether you step in or goes out of your house. Install security cameras connected with your mobile phone so that you can keep a check on your house at any given time. Similarly, consult a good door knobs and handles manufacturer to provide you with reliable options for your indoor locks.

4.Move Your Pets

Moving your pets is one of the most troublesome tasks. The surroundings are unexplored making it difficult for your beloved pets to get familiar with the new environment. Bring all important things with you including toys, feeding bowl, blanket and litter boxes for your pets. Place all these things in a separate room preferably away from hustle and bustle.

5.Plug In All Your Appliances

Make sure all your appliances including refrigerators, HVAC, washing machine and dish washer are properly installed and in working condition. A lot of people unplug their refrigerator before a house move and turn it off. Make sure you turn it on before doing your first grocery at the new place. Also, check out ice dispenser to check if it’s in a good condition.

6.Establish Phone and Internet

Internet is amongst one of the many things you might need immediately after making a move. Especially, if you have installed security cameras, you might need internet to run it properly through your mobile device. Also, a lot of home-based mobile apps make use of internet to control lights and doors. In addition to that, also establish TV and phone lines to tune your favorite shows in and to stream communication.

7.Order Food

There are people who take their food and drinks along on the day of moving. Others prefer to order food for everyone around including packers and movers or friends and family who’s helping them out with the moving process. The good news is your options aren’t confined to pizza and sandwiches only. There are many home-based food vendors that can provide you with a whole day supply of yummy food on one call. Also, it’s important to understand that moving day isn’t a good day to cook. Obviously, not all of your utensils are available and you have to send someone to do urgent grocery to cook for yourself and for others. Thus, make sure to order food and drinks on moving day to avoid hassle and inconvenience.

8.Hire Professionals

No matter how active and organized you are, burdening yourself with all moving tasks can be nerve-wracking. There are many professional moving companies out there that offers great services in affordable rates. Not only they’re equipped with specialized equipment but also include labor they know how to safely move your delicate and bulky possessions from one place to the other. Just make sure to have an in-house estimate first so that you can have a better idea about your moving cost.


In conclusion, getting ready for your new home is not an easy task.It takes a great deal of planning and effort to move your established house to another location. Also, getting another place ready is cumbersome too. These easy-peasy tips can help you have a successful move without having any difficulty. Also, you’d be quickly able to get back to your routine if you follow these simple steps.