5 Ways to Use a Helmet Camera

You’ve probably seen videos taken from a rider’s POV that show incredible stunts and scenery enjoyed on the open road. Videos like these are made possible with a helmet camera—an accessory that can easily be attached to your helmet to capture what you see when you’re riding. These cameras are great for creating entertaining content, but they’re good for plenty of other uses, too. Read on to discover five ways you can use a motorcycle helmet camera.

Create Engaging Video Content


Many riders consider a helmet camera to be amongst the best motorcycle parts and accessories because of its ability to create engaging and unique content with very little effort. Have you ever wanted to show family and friends the amazing views you enjoy when you’re riding down the coast? Do you aspire to create educational videos about motorcycle safety? A helmet camera is the gear you need to make content that’s uniquely you.

Mitigate Your Liability


It’s no secret that motorcyclists are at an increased risk of accident and injury on the road compared to other drivers. This is true for a variety of reasons, but one of the leading causes is driver error made on the part of motorists in cars. Accidents are often characterized by disputed versions of events, but with a video of the incident, you can clearly mitigate any potential liability.

Get Into Art


If you want to turn every ride into a work of art, mounting a camera to motorcycle or ATV helmets is the way to do so. In addition to capturing unique video content, many helmet cameras can take photographs, which is an appealing feature for any aspiring documentarian. If you want to capture still photos of your ride from a first-person perspective, this is one of the best ways to do so and pursue the artistic side of riding.

Document Your Travels


Many motorcyclists enjoy riding because of the opportunity it affords to travel and see new places. If you’re a motorcycle travel junkie, a postcard likely isn’t enough to capture the allure and experience of all the places you’ve been. Capturing unique pictures and videos of each destination is, though, and it can revolutionize your riding experience. Nothing captures the essence of a place like a firsthand view of its landscape.

Develop a New Trade


Like most unique abilities, learning how to use and master a helmet camera could be an opportunity to capitalize on a new skill. Companies are always looking for unique new ways to develop marketing materials, and new video content, created from a unique perspective, is one of the most promising assets you could offer. There are plenty of ways you may be able to capitalize on the content you create with a helmet camera and turn your hobby into an income.

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