How I make my Rakhi special every year?

I enjoy Rakhi as much as any other sister in India. There is no denying the significance of the festival of Raksha Bandhan in India. It is the ritual of celebrating the precious bond of love and affection between a brother and a sister. Every year Rakhi is celebrated in August. This year also, Rakhi will be celebrated on 15th August, 2019, and I am highly looking forward to it. Having an elder and a younger brother, I consider myself the luckiest sister out there. While we tend to fight a lot over petty issues from time to time, the love & affection that we have for each other remains unparalleled.

Given my inclination to my beloved brothers, I cannot help but celebrate Rakhi every year with full grandeur and excitement. My preparations for the festival commences with buying a designer Brother Rakhi Online a month earlier itself. I always look forward to knowing about the latest design trends to tie the best-ever Rakhis on my brothers’ wrists. Additionally, here are some of the unique ways in which I look forward to making my Rakhi every year quite special:

Making Something Handmade:

While we tend to come across a myriad of gift options that are readymade and impressive to give to someone, I intend at making my brothers feel special by giving them handmade gifts or notes. With a special, handmade gift, I try to express my emotions, and the hard work always pays off. Giving ample time as well as energy to the handmade gift, my brothers are overly joyed every single time.

Homemade Delicacies:

I have a knack for cooking. This is the reason I always look forward to Rakhi to make something special for my brothers. While I would not budge anytime throughout the year to make anything for them, Rakhi is the occasion they feel lucky. I know my brothers’ preferences when it comes to dishes and cook the same separately to surprise them. In fact, now it has become a norm for them to wait the entire year for Rakhi to eat something delicious out of my hands.

Spending Time Together:

While tying the Rakhi and exchanging gifts go on, I also make it a point to spend time together on the eve of Rakhi. While my elder brother lives in Bangalore for work, he also makes it a point to visit our hometown every year for the festival of RakshaBandhan. Together, we go out on a day-out –either for a movie or lunch, even dinner at times, an ice-cream outing, and so more. As I ammeeting my brother after a long time, I aim at making the most of the day by going out with them to different places.

Going Out on a Shopping Spree:

I enjoy shopping thoroughly. While my brothers despise it, they are left with no choice on the RakshaBandhan day. While I ask my elder brother to spend on me, I also try getting them something that they need –right from a shirt to perfume, a watch, and so more. It is a good notion to pamper your brothers once in a while, and I feel delighted to do the same every now & then.

As Rakhi is just round the corner, I am prepping up as much as I can to make it special for my beloved brothers. Recently, I came across this unique portal named Aarav Rakhis that has a huge collection of designer Rakhis as well as gift suggestions. If you live abroad, you can also send rakhi to India online using this portal. I am going to stock my Rakhis from Aarav Rakhis this time!

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