Massage Therapy Works for Much More than Just Your Muscles

As more research is being done into the health and wellness benefits of massage therapy, massage itself is gaining mainstream acceptance.


Today, you don't have to travel to some kind of exclusive high-end spa to get a therapeutic, relaxing, restorative massage treatment.


Massage is so readily accessible today that you can find it in shopping malls, airports, doctor offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and chiropractic clinics, among other locations.


If you have not yet tried massage therapy, it may be time to find out what everyone else knows that you don't! As it turns out, massage therapy works for so much more than just your aching, sore or overstressed muscles.


Research-Supported Health Benefits of Massage:


According to the National University of Health Sciences, massage therapy health benefits include these five immediate takeaways:


- Massage lowers your stress.

- Massage boosts your immune system function.

- Massage improves your mental functioning and mood.

- Massage is effective for managing chronic pain.

- Massage can help you reach your fitness goals faster.


From this, we can also easily infer that massage assists your body with detoxification. This is so vital because the world that surrounds us is increasingly contaminated by pollution, whether from fossil fuels or commercial chemicals.


Massage helps to lower your stress by pushing excess cortisol (aka "the stress hormone") out of your body and switching off your fight-or-flight stress-response system. With this system deactivated, your liver, circulatory system and immune system can get back to work identifying and moving toxins out of your body.


Perhaps most importantly, massage helps your body to release more serotonin, otherwise known as the "feel good hormone." When your serotonin spikes naturally, you won't turn to sugary, fatty foods as a pick-me-up, gaining unwanted inches and pounds as a result.


Which Massage Treatment Is Right for You?


You can't go wrong trying nearly any massage therapy treatment. However, you may find one type of treatment is better for specific health or wellness issues you are working on.


Here is a list of ideas of how massage targets specific issues.


- Himalayan salt stone massage is particularly good for detoxification.

- Shiatsu massage is known for its chronic and acute pain-relieving benefits.

- Facial massage can heal and restore the youthful properties in your skin.

- Swedish massage relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind.

- Sports massage speeds up the healing process and improves performance.

- Deep tissue massage breaks down adhesions from scar tissue to reduce stiffness and pain.


Massage Therapy Helps You Look Younger:


The skin-rejuvenating effects of massage therapy have not been lost on the thriving beauty and skin care industry.


Elle Canada devoted an entire article in their magazine to the benefits a facial massage has on the skin of the face, but this effect isn't limited to the facial skin.


Massage stimulates your circulatory system in whatever area is being treated. This stimulation then pulls moisture and nutrients to the skin's surface, causing a plumping, hydrating, restorative impact.


In this way, massage offers an effective pathway to younger looking and feeling skin without having to resort to that always-growing list of creams, lotions, salves and ointments (not to mention fillers, injectables and cosmetic surgery procedures).


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