The Top 10 Things to Do in Dubai with Kids

Dubai is one of the most spectacular cities in the world from the beautiful architecture, shopping malls, and theme parks. However, with all these great places, it can be challenging for parents to entertain their kids. The best thing about Dubai is that you will find many family-friendly activities. For instance, kayaking, bike riding, sailing, and hitting different food joints. The best hotels in Dubai also provide activities for the whole family.

Dubai with Kids:

Dubai is a city of immense beauty and rich culture,and this can be seen in all aspects of life from the restaurants to the buildings. If you love traveling, you will find a lot of things to delight you in Dubai, from the markets, cultural scenes, and a variety of culinary delights. You can visit all these places with your kids or try other fun activities, such as theme parks.


10 Things to Do with Your Kids for Fun in Dubai:

There are different things you can enjoy together as a family. Your kids can enjoy unique activities only found in this region. These activities are listed below:

1. Get Lost in the Colors of Dubai Miracle Garden:

Apart from exploring the best hotels in Dubai, visit the Dubai Miracle Garden with your kids to experience a dream-like adventure. It is like walking into a colorful world with different flowers and scents. The best thing about this place is that there is a kid’s play area with different games.

2. Enjoy a Metro Ride:

If your kids love the train, don’t just stay around your hotel. Although the city does not have a train station, you can ride through the city using the Dubai Metro. Your kids will be impressed as they watch different sites fly by.

3. Feast Your Eyes in the Gold Souk:

You can visit the gold souk by riding a wooden Abra through the creek. It doesn’t matter if you are not planning to buy anything; the different jewelry and gold items will be a delight to you and your kids. The experience of visiting this golden place will be worth it in the end.


4. Experience the Fun at Ski Dubai:

Dubai experiences hot temperatures most days,and your kids might not be able to bear this: however, there is a solution to this heat. Visit Ski Dubai to cool off. This is the largest indoor snow park in the world. If you are staying outside Dubai, don’t just hang around the hotels in Ras Al Khaimah - get to this place, it takes less than 2 hours.

5. Get on the Dhow along the Creek:

Jump on the dhow with your little ones for a wonderful experience along the creek. The guided trip is enjoyable as you go around the creek,and they also serve free refreshments and commentary.

6. Enjoy a Picnic in the Desert:

Apart from having access to the best hotels in Dubai, you can have a nice picnic in the desert. You can either drive towards Hatta and camping off the road or going all the way towards Umm Suqeim Street.

7. Watch Flamingos:

Start a productive day by packing your breakfast and heading out to flamingo roost in Ras Al Khor. You can enter this place free of charge,and your kids will love watching the pink birds splash and wade through the water. Your kids will enjoy hiding out at the viewing docks in the mangroves to watch the birds using binoculars. When you go at high tide, you will watch the flamingos at a closer range.

8. Watch Camel Racing:

Even if you are staying at the best hotel in Dubai, take your kids to watch this awesome traditional sport of camel racing. This experience is as noisy and thrilling as your kids,and they will enjoy every minute. This exercise is scheduled during winter at Al Marmoum Camel Racetrack located along the Dubai Al Ain Road.

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9. Ride the Marina Water Bus:

Instead of spending the day lazing and bored in your hotel room, go on a ride in the Marina Water Bus. Adults pay 2 AED but kids ride for free. The bus goes through Marina walk, Marina Promenade, and Marina Mall. The ride is air-conditioned to keep you and your kids cool through this experience.

10. Ride Ponies at Desert Palm:

You might enjoy staying at the best hotel in Dubai, but riding ponies is a much more exciting experience. Visit the stable at the desert palm riding school and spend your time with these gentle animals. Hand-held rides are available for all ages for 10-20 minutes every morning and afternoon except Fridays.


Nothing beats a holiday in Dubai, especially for the whole family. Kids and adults have different interests; however, Dubai has activities and sites where you can have fun as a family. The best thing about Dubai is that you will experience unique activities only available in this city.

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11. Take a walk with your dog

Sometimes many people prefer to healthy travel with their dogs, especially if you do not want to leave your dog alone at home. Also if going for vacation for several days leaving your dog at home uncared for is not the best thing to do - actually quite inhumane. 

Therefore, if you are planning for a visit to Dubai, get your best dog harness to stop pulling in the bag and be ready to go for several walks with your dog. 

There are many cafes and restaurants that are dog-friendly. You will also find several places you can walk your dog like Arabian Ranches, The Irish Village, and Marina. 

You should train your dog several weeks in advance on basic behaviour and discipline. Getting a shock collar for small dogs will help you train your dog very efficiently and faster. It is also much cheaper than hiring a trainer. Once that is done, enjoy your Dubai trip!

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