Decisions, Decision: 5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Recliner For You

Everyone has a chair or recliner they have sat in and didn't want to get up from. A recliner that is so comfortable you can nap in it at almost any time of the day or night. Whether it was at your grandparents’, your parents’, or even your friend's house, you remember the comforts of that recliner. If you don't have a recliner that provides this type of comfort and you can afford purchasing one, it is a must-have item in your home. Listed below are 5 tips to choose the perfect recliner for you.

1. Focus on the Frame:

When you are going to look at different recliners, an important feature to consider is the frame. The frame plays a very important role in the durability and function of a recliner. The type of frame you choose will have an impact on how easy the chair reclines and kicks out. The frame also has a major impact on the overall design and comfort of the recliner. For example, stressless recliners have perforated foam that is molded directly over the frame allowing more seating comfort as a person can sink deeper into the seat. Many have even said that stressless recliners are some of the most comfortable in the world.

2. Determine a Size

Similar to picking the right frame, searching for the proper size of the recliner that you would like will help to narrow down the options in your search. When thinking about size, consider it compared to existing furniture in the room that you would like to place it in. Also, take into consideration the type of room that you purchasing the recliner for. A recliner for your living room may be much different than the type of recliner that you would put in your basement.

3. Pick Must-Have Features:

Another tip to help you in choosing the best recliner is to come up with a list of features that you really want to be included in your recliner. You can present this list to one of the employees at the furniture store. For example, a few features that you may consider you really need are extra lumbar support or a particular headrest to help your neck and head feel extra comfortable.

4. Color and Material:

Recliners are traditionally made from leather but can also be made up of cotton or synthetic fibers. These different materials have different feels and some people find that cotton is more comfortable than leather and vice versa. Additionally, picking the right color will be important in matching your existing furniture and will help to blend well with the room it is placed.

5. Sit on It:

The last tip may be the most obvious, but it is a great way to know whether the recliner is actually perfect for you is to sit in it for a few minutes. After you have considered the frame, determined the right size, chosen your must-have features, picked the preferred color and material, sitting in it will either cause you to be sure it is perfect or may steer you in a new direction.


Overall, if you follow the 5 tips suggested above, you will have a much easier time deciding on the perfect recliner. If you are still unsure after having sat in several different recliners, try looking up online reviews of what others have said about the recliners that are considering purchasing. Once the process is complete, sit back and relax!