How Motorcycle Helmets Can Help Save Your Life in Emergency Situations

A helmet is a critical piece of dirt bike riding gear, and essential for those who cruise the streets or ride off-road too. With thousands of options in motorcycle helmets, how can you ever settle on one that is right for you?

For many riding experts and enthusiasts, selecting the perfect helmet is often as important as choosing their motorcycles. The right helmets can be the difference between life and death in emergencies. There are many factors for you to weigh when narrowing your choice, including fit, comfort, safety features and price. It’s critical to weigh each feature carefully because it’s not just your face at risk; it could be your life.

In this article, we will look at some important factors, which you need to pay careful attention to, before selecting the right helmet. Here is an overview of items to consider in making your selection.

Safety Ratings:

For all-over protection, the safest helmet is a full-face helmet. Whether you ride a Harley or a dirt bike, if you’re concerned about safeguarding your face, you need to cover it. Half-face helmets might look cool and attractive, but they fail to offer full-face protection. In terms of helmet styles corresponding to different machines, full-face helmets have evolved to accommodate different motorcycling genres like-

·        Flat track racers

·        Café racers

·        Bobbers

·        Custom choppers

·        Superbikes

Consider the safety rating of various helmets, which typically fall under one or more of these ratings.

•  DOT: The U.S. Dept. of Transportation sets the minimum safety standard for helmets in use in America.

•  ECE: The U.N. Economic Commission for Europe also sets a safety standard for helmets in Europe.

•  Snell: This nonprofit U.S. agency raises the bar for safety standards above both the DOT and ECE safety levels. Snell certification is the highest safety rating a helmet can obtain.

All rating tests cover impact, shell and face shield penetration, as well as testing to determine the likelihood of the helmet coming off during a crash. If you are shopping a motorcycle helmet sale, keep these ratings in mind. It is important to not only check the helmet physically, but also listen in to what the experts are saying. You can do your online research by visiting the website of the helmet manufacturer. You can also paste your question on motorcycling forums and let experts help you.

Helmet Construction:

The material used in helmet construction affects a variety of factors, including its weight, how comfortable it feels when worn and its safety rating as well. Fiberglass, polycarbonate and carbon fiber are the materials used in most of today’s motorcycle helmets, with Kevlar also available in some models. Fiberglass is an excellent material for the outer shell and is lightweight and less expensive than Kevlar and other materials, which are designed to meet the shock of high-impact sports riding. If you are not racing, a helmet made of less expensive material may better fit your budget. However, if you are dependent on your helmet to keep you safe in the event of any untoward emergencies, it is critical that you invest in something that will offer you guaranteed protection.

Comfort and Fit:

A lightweight helmet is naturally going to be more comfortable, but the fit is important too. Measure your head to compare it with the sizes of helmets you’re browsing. Keep in mind that your face shape matters also. If you’re shopping online, study each helmet’s specifications and compare them to your measurements, as each maker has a different sizing chart.

Another factor in finding a comfortable fit is how you ride. Dirt bike helmets are made with an elongated chin to protect against roost from other riders. They also focus on increasing airflow to keep riders cooler. Off-road enthusiasts generally have the same needs as dirt bikers and can take advantage of UTV women’s riding gear and accessories, as well as men’s gear in the same categories.

Do Your Research Before Buying:

Dirt bike riding gear offers much-needed protection of head and body for riders of all ages and gender. Spend some time researching helmets and reviewing your needs before making your purchase, and be sure to know the return policy of online sites so that you can return any ill-fitting product.