Do You Have Too Much Clutter? Here’s How To Sort It

Most of us have a bit of a hoarding instinct, and even those of us who like the clean, simple lines of minimalist interior design are often simply hiding their clutter in storage units somewhere. Those local self storage providers that offer personal self-storage have become an extension of many people’s homes.


But sooner or later you'll realise that what you thought was just a few bits and bobs is in fact far too much clutter and that's when you need to do something about it.


1. You can use old magazines instead of coasters:

If you have a hobby or interest, it makes sense to keep back copies of magazines as they often have tips and tricks or project ideas for you to complete when you have more time. But once your bookshelves are full you need to ask yourself if you really do need to keep them. Of course, if the answer is yes you could remove the actual content and store them in a file as most magazines are 50% adverts that you don't need to keep.


2. You have several cupboards you daren't open in case the contents fall out:

You know the only thing stopping you from drowning in tablecloths and forgotten toys is a small catch on the cupboard door. Instead of being scared of your own home why not sort the contents of the cupboard out and move it to a cheap storage unit?


3. You have more bedrooms than people in your household:

And still don't seem to have any space for guests because the spare bed is lost under all that clutter. Instead of using your spare room to store your stuff you could move it into cheap storage. Whilst you're doing that you might even find some things to get rid off. That cross-trainer that seemed like a good idea three Christmases ago will make a few quid, and you never know - some of those board games might be collectable vintage now.


4. You can't buy new clothes because you have nowhere to store them:

Plus you think it's time to give up ironing because your clothes come out of the wardrobe more creased than they went in. If you want to keep your clothes because you're hoping they'll come back into fashion or you'll need them when the weather changes you can always hang them on rails in a self storage unit to make space. But not the silver Lycra catsuit that's three sizes too small. Be realistic.


5. You stub your toes a lot:

Maybe you think you have your storage under control and you don't need help. Just because you've bought more and more cupboards and bookcases to store your clutter on doesn't mean you don't have it. If walking round your house means a real risk of tripping over excess furniture – especially furniture designed for storage – you definitely have a clutter problem. If you don't need it get rid of it, if you might need it you can store it and leave space for the items you actually need on a day to day basis.


If you’re noticing one or more of these problems, then it’s a clear sign you need to declutter. Whether you rent storage units for the excess you just can’t get rid of, or hire a skip and get rid, you’ll certainly feel like you’ve got more space, which can only be a good thing!