How Technology Is Changing Marketing?

We’re living in a very fast and technology-based age. Technology advancement has brought us many advantages in various fields. We’re able to perform numerous tasks efficiently and much quicker than several years or decades ago. When it comes to digital marketing, many digital marketing companies in Dubai will agree with the claim that modern technologies are changing the ways how marketing works as well.

The influence of digital marketing has over our lives today is massive. What every digital agency Dubai is capable of doing is something we couldn’t imagine 10-20 years ago. Take a peek at this article and find all the interesting facts about this topic(how is digital transformation changing marketing).

Influence Of Modern Technologies:

 Let’s go back several decades and think about the ways people had to market their businesses and products. Printed ads, billboards, television ads, along with radio ads, are still among the most powerful ways of advertising which will allow you to find more potential customers, but that's not all. What changed? Advancement of technology brought us many new ways of promoting our companies and brands with a more direct approach. As our digital marketing agency in Dubai already explained, having these new, and more direct ways to obtain new customers is of considerable significance because the speed of advertising plays one of the most critical roles. Having this in mind, we can only imagine what will the future bring, but as far as we’re concerned, the future of digital marketing is already here.

Digital marketing companies in Dubai and the UAE are thriving since the UAE is offering expat companies a lot of benefits if they move their businesses to the UAE. They were promised to have no taxes whatsoever, and they can enjoy various other benefits as well. That is why many companies from all around the world decided to move their business to the UAE. With knowing these facts, it’s no wonder digital marketing in the UAE is on the rise.

Which New Trends Are Currently Shaping Digital Marketing?

There are many new digital trends that digital marketers tend to use in creating their fantastic digital marketing campaigns. Many of these trends benefit the marketing agency and their clients in making their campaign successful, but they can also bring many new customers, which is the primary goal after all. Some of these trends are already familiar to us, but some are entirely new.

know About how to send a trendy Marketing Campaign.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the rise of technologies, AI has also improved immensely. Today, digital marketing agencies around the world use AI to help them learn more about consumers behavior and purchase patterns. Moreover, AI is capable of collecting vast amounts of data which can later be used to target the desired audience with laser-precision. There are various speculations about the advanced AI, and you can find more details about these myths by following this link(artificial intelligence myths).

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR&VR)

AR has become one of the most exciting digital marketing trends to use since it’s not used as much as it can be. Digital marketers are still discovering how powerful an impact AR can have on consumers. Several unique brands across the world have already implemented AR into their marketing campaigns, and it proved its worth.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, is also a significant digital marketing trend which will expand even further throughout the globe in years to come. For now, marketing agencies are still trying to figure out the best possible ways to implement VR in their marketing campaigns. There are numerous ways to implement VR, but you should also consider how beneficial it’ll be toward your business goals. Using VR for the sake of using it is not the answer, and that’s why you should consult your digital marketer about the best VR implementation possible.

What Changed With Digital Marketing?

There are three significantly essential areas of marketing that have changed with the arrival of digital marketing. These three areas play the most critical part of every digital marketing campaign today.


Being able to produce ads during one day for the next day was impossible five years ago. Internet and modern technologies allow us to be extremely fast and responsive.


We all know that if we want to know how relevant some content is, we can double-check the content and its relevance by digging a bit more through the web. Double-checking importance of ads many years ago was not as simple as it is today, and people didn’t feel the need to do so. Having relevant content is of the utmost importance for successfully bringing in more buyers.

Reach Of Campaigns

With the technologies available today, digital marketers have got more new ways to reach potential customers. Mobile advertisement, email marketing, SEO, search marketing, and many others are just a small example of how far your campaign can go toward potential customers.

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