9 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Content Marketing Strategy

In Singapore, over 84.5% of the population is online, providing unlimited opportunities for businesses in the country. If you are a business owner in the city-state, this high inter connectivity presents both an opportunity and a challenge. While you have a larger market reach, there’s also the competition to grapple with here.

Creating a content marketing strategy is a sure way to stay ahead of your competition. To 92% of marketers, content is a business asset in the digital marketing landscape.

Common Pitfalls in Content Marketing Strategy

Despite the effectiveness of content marketing in digital marketing, many marketers don’t reap the benefits. If you wish to leverage the power of content marketing, it is important to understand the major pitfalls such marketers make in their strategy.

Some of these mistakes include:

1. Failure to Focus on the Customer:

The maxim “the customer is king” applies even more aptly in the Digital Marketing for Fresher - A Complete Guide environment. Most marketers focus internally when creating content and this alienates their target customers. If you want to exploit the power of content marketing, you have to position the customer at the center of everything you create.

2. Lack of Goals and Objectives:

It is easy to create content today and publish it within no time. However, if your content marketing strategy has no solid foundation, there will be no returns.

Many business owners in Singapore share social media posts, videos and other forms of content, but they have no returns to show. This is because their content strategies lack goals and objectives. You can Check it out Lottoland.

You have to define the reason for writing your content which ties to your business needs. For instance, the goal could be brand awareness, boosting conversion, increase site traffic among other things.

3. Poor Quality Content:

However, no matter the aggressiveness of your marketing strategy, you will have nothing to show if you have poor quality content. Internet users don’t react well to poor content because they have so much to choose from online.

You need to up your content quality before thinking about where and how to publish it. If your target audience and the search engines don’t like your content, all your marketing efforts will amount to naught.

Creating effective content marketing is tough, and this is where the best digital marketing agency in Singapore will come in handy.

4. Content that Doesn’t Add value:

It is all good to share entertaining videos and memes on your posts but is your content promising any value to the consumer?

When creating your content marketing strategy, you have to consider what problem/question you want to solve. This calls for audience research, including creating personas.

You have to understand your target audience needs and problems and try to solve them using your content. High bounce rates, low click-through-rates (CTR) and poor conversion are some of the signs of unhelpful content.

5. Set and Forget Approach:

Content marketing is not easy, and many marketers don’t follow it through. They create great content and post it, but they don’t follow up and track the performance.

To enjoy the fruits of content marketing, you need to track your content, assess its performance, tweak it, repurpose it, and carry out A/B testing on the changes you’ve made among other things. Simply put, you cannot set your content and forget it because this will lead to inevitable failure.

6. Not Watching the Trends:

For a long time, there was a belief that short posts worked best in search engine optimization (SEO). After all, internet users have a short attention span. But this approach has changed and today, long content is the in-thing in article writing.

As a marketer, you’ve to stay abreast of the changes in the digital landscape when it comes to content marketing. From voice search, long-tail keywords, rich snippets, video to social media, there’s always something new happening in content marketing.

Failure to learn these trends will sink your content marketing strategy. Working with content marketing experts helps you to stay up-to-date with the latest ideas in content marketing.

7. Failure to Publish Evergreen Content:

If your content is not evergreen, you risk consigning your business to failure. Evergreen content is applicable in the short-term and long-term. It helps you achieve your marketing goals without spending too much money on new content. Guest Post Contribution.

8. Writing For Search Engines:

It is true that SEO is crucial, but if you want your content marketing strategy to work, the focus should not be on the search engines alone. Writing for the search engines might give you immediate results, but it will not achieve your company’s long term objectives.

If you want better sales conversions, strong customer relationships and great customer experience, you should write for your target customers.

9. Hard Selling:

While you want your content to convert, hard-selling has counterproductive results. Consumers today complain about too much advertising in their life.

If your content comes across as too promotional, they will click away. Focus on educating your readers, tell stories about your products and the brand and show how your products add value.

Final Thoughts:

Content marketing, when done well, is the most effective tool for your online business in Singapore. However, to get the best out of your content, you need to focus on your audience and add value to their lives. It helps with lead generation, conversions and brand awareness. More importantly, look out for these pitfalls and tweak your content marketing strategy to eliminate them.

Source: Digital marketing course