What is the strongest CBD oil?

With the rising popularity of cannabidiol (CBD), many people have questions regarding these new health and wellness products. Even people who may already be familiar with CBD oils and edibles might not be sure how much to take, or what their proper daily dose is. Add to this the fact that there are countless numbers of different CBD products on the market today, and it can be difficult to determine what the strongest CBD oil on the market really is.


Many manufacturers claim to have the best CBD oil, or the strongest CBD oil, but do they really? What factors determine what makes the most potent CBD oil? How can a person determine what makes one product stronger than another? Is there a difference in strength between organic and non-organic CBD oil? These, and many other questions may be on the minds of consumers looking to make a CBD purchase. In this article we’ll attempt to answer these questions and take a closer look at what makes a particular product the strongest.


The Definition of Strength


Often times people can be confused by the vagueness of the term ‘strength’ when it comes to CBD oil. What is it referring to exactly? Is it just the dosage, or the way it makes you feel as a result of taking it? It’s important that we clearly define what we mean when we say strength. Our definition is simple, the most milligrams (mg) of CBD per bottle, divided by the serving size.


The total number of mg of CBD per bottle is also known as the concentration. However, it is important to note that concentration is different from dosage, or serving size. Dosage simply indicates the amount of CBD per serving. Ideally, both of these numbers should be on the product’s label. If they aren’t, you might want to consider shopping elsewhere.


The CBD market is still largely unregulated, and as a result, labels are sometimes misleading. Some products claim to have high CBD content, but are actually diluted, giving you the impression that you are getting more CBD per serving than you actually are. That’s why third party testing is so important when selecting your CBD product. Ideally you should look at a third party lab test report to verify the quality of the product, and ensure you are getting the concentration of CBD that’s being advertised.

Lab testing and/or third party verification also offers a complete breakdown of a product, including its ingredients, flavors, and the overall CBD potency. This gives you a better understanding of exactly what you are getting in a given product. Finally, because bottle and dropper sizes are not standardized within the industry it’s important to quantify the concentration to understand exactly how much CBD you are getting per dose.


You can do this simply by dividing the total number of milligrams of CBD, by the amount of servings per bottle. For instance, if the label states that the product contains 250mg of CBD per bottle, and a bottle contains 10 servings, simple math dictates you are getting 25 mg of CBD per serving. This is how you can determine the proper amount of CBD for your dosing needs regardless of the product you buy. However, at Cannabidiol Life we make it easy for you by ensuring you are getting 50mg of CBD per 1mL of CBD oil, regardless of the size of the bottle.

CBD Dosage

Determining the exact amount of CBD someone should take can be challenging. Everyone is different, so required dosage varies from person to person depending on factors like weight, metabolism, and tolerance. Fortunately, there are some general guidelines that can be used to make it simpler. A good rule of thumb to determine your proper CBD dosage is to take 1–6MG of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight based on the individual’s level of pain. It’s always best to start with a lower dose, and only increase it just enough to achieve the desired effect in order to avoid building up a tolerance.


Do You Really Need the Strongest CBD Oil?

Most people, especially those who are new to CBD, won’t need the strongest CBD oil available. It’s important to determine if you really need the strongest CBD available in order to avoid flooding your endocannabinoid system and building up a tolerance. If your body builds up a tolerance to CBD, excessive consumption may be required to achieve the same effect. Ask questions like, “Do I feel like I need a stronger effect for pain?” If the answer is yes, then perhaps you should consider a stronger oil. Fortunately, there are no reported cases of overdose from CBD, and there is a low risk of side effects even when CBD is taken in large amounts. Many patients experience no negative side effects at all, but those that do experience them report that they are generally mild with symptoms such as nausea, changes in appetite, or energy levels.


So, What is the Strongest CBD Oil?

We are confident when we say that Cannabidiol Life 6,000mg CBD oil is the strongest CBD oil in a 120 mL / 4 oz tincture on the market. 6,000 mg of full spectrum hemp oil extract with an amazing entourage effect provides incredible health and wellness support and potency of 50 mg of CBD per 1 ml drop. With such a low risk of side effects, why not give the strongest CBD oil we can offer a try today? Experience the results for yourself and see what a game changer CBD can be for your health.