Buying Software Online: Here Is All You Need To Know

In the past few years, more and more people have started opting to buy software online. This is because there are numerous platforms, which have come up trying to offer these services to individuals, organizations, and companies. 

However, most of the websites, which are offering software products and discounts, end up cheating unsuspecting consumers. They mislead consumers into believing that the product they are buying is original, licensed, and within Company guarantee. Microsoft software and Adobe suites are some of the most counterfeited software in the market today.

In this article, we will look at some of the following important points about buying software online-

  1. Are online stores are coupon sites genuine and credible platforms to buy software?
  2. What are some of the known platforms, which sell software online
  3. What should consumers look out for before purchasing software online?
  4. Is there an alternative to consumers who are looking not to be cheated by misleading platforms?
  5. Review of Dealarious Store; a new, genuine and credible platform free of all the problems. 

So what are we waiting for? Let us get straight to the facts and issues.

Online Software Selling Platforms: Problems and Issues:

In the introductory part of the article, I had mentioned as to how consumers are shown something and get something else. Almost anyone who has ever bought any software online has faced this issue. In my experience, some of the most common bad experiences range from-

  • Consumers do not get what is stated in the description of the product. They are instead given a product, which is faulty, unworkable, and not aligned to their systems. 

  • Details like product activation keys, license codes, and passwords are not provided with the product. 

  • Even if the keys or licenses are given with the product, they stop working well before the term ends. I have found that once the trial period is over, the product stops working. 

  • The worst part about such platforms is the unhelpful nature of the support staff. They are not available on chat support, emails, and calls. They shirk from all responsibility post-sales. 

Being in the industry for over ten years, I have been a witness to numerous of my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances having bad experiences.


eBay, G2A and Kinguin: Are they any good?

G2A and Kinguin are platforms, which primarily sell Game Keys. In recent years, they have come under a lot of scrutinies because of being a ‘Grey Platform’. Their modus operandi includes buying game keys in developing countries and selling them at high prices in developed countries.

As people in developed countries have more disposable incomes, the cost of such keys is always lower than what game developers charge. Even though G2A and Kinguin are legit, their customer support and product guarantee are not worth the price that consumers end up paying. 

This brings us to what is perhaps the single most significant platform selling software online, eBay. No one can say that eBay does not have its share of problems. On the other hand, not everyone can claim of having a bad experience on eBay all the time. 

 eBay is not without its faults. The single biggest problem with the platform is its lack of tech expertise. You see, buying software is different from buying a hardware product. The lack of a technical blog section on eBay makes the process uninformative and generic. 

Consumers who have sophisticated technical expertise might get what they are looking for. They do their research, gather the information, and proceed accordingly. However, the vast majority is looking for advice, information, and a credible purchase option. 

Briefly, people do not possess the skill or experience to filter through thousands of alternatives and choose one alternative. They should have a platform that does that for them. A platform, which helps them with legitimate software products that gives them the desired peace of mind. 


Dealarious Shopping Experience: A Software Buying Online Platform:

Many of our readers keep asking us about suggestions regarding online software buying. The first question that I would want to raise is something that would be at the top for most people- Is Dealarious legit.

Yes, Dealarious Store is one of the most credible and reliable software buying platforms in the world. Dealarious is owned and operated by one of the most renowned tech platforms in the world, Blogsolute Media. Dealarious started in 2014, as a viable alternative to some of the Grey Websites selling software. 

The founders realised that millions of people are getting manipulated and cheated by platforms. They wanted to combine information with post-sales service. In addition, the emphasis of the platform has always been to first check for the authenticity of the product themselves, and then pass it on to the consumers. 

However, according to me, the best part about Dealarious is its comprehensive and informative blog section. Rather than trying to sell you products and services, they make a genuine attempt to educate and inform audiences about their needs and requirements. 

Most platforms try to trick consumers by promoting ‘discounts and coupons’ all the time. Even when there are no discounts, unscrupulous websites will try to clickbait users using these terms. Dealarious does nothing of that sort. Even though their coupons and discounts actually work, they do not try to publicise it or make it their USP. Instead, they publish the best offers on their Facebook page for all their fans as often as possible. 

Dealarious Store Review: What makes the platform stand apart?

We have been getting tons of queries from our readers regarding the Dealarious store review. Everyone wants to know about the platform, the products and most importantly, the post-sales service. When we analysed the platform and did a little bit of looking around, we found that there are some things, which the team prioritizes.


i.  Individual checking of products by the team:

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the team individually checks all products before placing them on the website. This ensures that they are genuine, tested, and credible. Even though you might find hundreds of products on the platform, you can be rest assured that all of them are 100% genuine.

ii.  Easy Refund Policy:

We also liked the fact that the Refund Process is easy, straightforward, and direct. Once you get the refund approval, the amount is credited to your account within a couple of hours. You do not have to go through ten channels, mails or chat support to claim your refund.

iii. 100% guarantee on Product Licenses and Replacements:

Consumers would also appreciate the fact that there is a guarantee on licenses, which have been provided. For example, if your license stops working within the stated period, Dealarious takes full ownership and responsibility. They replace the license and consumers get added periods of software usage.

(P.S. I asked around and did a little bit of investigative work, regarding this. To my surprise, I did not find one issue where someone claimed to have faced this problem).

iv.  Great UI and UX for amateur and expert software buyers:

For novices, the experience is easy and direct. You have a simple, straightforward, and fast website. This makes the experience fluid and dynamic. The website also helps with information and education because of the blog section. There are tons of coupons and discounts on offer at all times. If you really want to get the entire Dealarious experience, you should try opting for a ‘combo’ offer.

v.  PayPal Payment Options with Currency Conversion:

Dealarious’ shopping experience is amplified because of its global appeal to consumers. Most platforms have complicated payment options. Dealarious works with PayPal to ensure currency conversion. For people who are unaware, the platform uses 2Checkout Payment Gateway. This is one of the most secure and fastest payment gateways in the world as of now.


When and what kind of software products can I buy on Dealarious?

If you go to the Dealarious website, you will find software products in six major categories-

  1. Antivirus Software for PCs & Mac
  2. Maintenance Tools and Software
  3. Tools and Software for Webmasters
  4. Multimedia (Video Editing, Sound Editing, Image Editing) Software
  5. Productive Tools and Software
  6. Firewall Installations and Privacy Tools

When we tried to contact Dealarious to know what some of their best selling products are, they were gracious enough to send us a list. 

“Movavi, Bitdefender, IObit, AVS4You, Wondershare, Cyberghost VPN, Malwarebytes, and many more.”

Consumers need not be worried about special days on Dealarious. Almost all days have a great value on money discounts and offers to go on. However, if you are really looking to upgrade your entire office’s software requirements, you might want to check out their ‘Black Friday; and ‘New Year Sales’ offers. 

In addition, they keep running weekly offers like ‘Cyber Mondays’, ‘Halloween’, and periodic ‘Holiday Offers’.

Dealarious: The Final Word

There is absolutely no platform, website or business model that does not have its faults. Dealarious is no different. However, I am happy to state that the positives of the Dealarious shopping experience far outweigh the small negatives.

To begin with, Dealarious is able to address the biggest problem in the online software buying industry- credibility. They works aggressively to combat this hesitation and problem. This is why Dealarious counts the legitimacy of the products on its platforms as one of its biggest USPs.


You will find that most platforms massively manipulate user reviews. They either plant positive reviews themselves or remove negative reviews from the platform. Dealarious makes it a point to keep those reviews and address every complaint or query. 

This helps show to the community, its commitment towards helping its consumers with the best at all times. The last thing I would want to worry about when making a software purchase is whether it is genuine or not.


I can devote all the time for research and education to working. I can do so much work for my client or the team knowing that the product I am purchasing is 100% genuine and licensed. No platform, not even eBay can give you this peace of mind.


Dealarious is a platform, which offers you customer support on public holidays and weekends. No matter what the nature of your query, the team works tirelessly to help you at all times. Dealarious has one of the best post-sales service teams in the entire industry. In fact, it would not be a stretch to state that they are leaps ahead of any of their competitors. 

We got our product teams on the Dealarious review and requested them to help us find some flaws and errors of the platform. After many rounds of investigations, they came up with a problem. Dealarious does not offer ‘Phone Support’. We thought that this was a problem that needed to be raised with the founders.


We sent them a mail and enquired as to why they do not offer phone support to consumers. We also pointed out that their competitors are providing this facility or capability to users. The company replied saying that they work hard to cut costs across verticals so that the benefits can reach the end-users. They even spend a minimum budget on marketing, have a small but multifunctional and efficient team to keep overall expenses in check.

They also sent us a list of products with comparative prices on their platform and competitor platforms. The prices of Dealarious were comparatively less as compared to the competitors. The team works intentionally to help users with lower prices and better support.




I started the article by raising some pertinent questions. I am ending the article, by answering those questions. Let us start with the most basic one-

· Is Dealarious legit?

Yes. Dealarious is one of the most credible and legitimate software buying platforms in the world.


· Is the Dealarious shopping experience worthwhile?

Yes. Not only do you get credible products at industry best prices, you also get a fantastic customer support experience. 


· Are there reviews that I can look up for Dealarious?

Yes. Dealarious scores a rather impressive, industry-leading rating of 4.8/5 on Shopper Approved. This rating is based on 4525 ratings.


If you are looking to buy software online, Dealarious is one of the options that you should definitely check out. 

Do let us know what you thought about the platform in the comments section below. Are there any other platforms, which you use for buying software?