How Can You Improve Your Writing Skills?

Writing is extremely necessary whether you are working in an advertisement firm, in a marketing firm, in an engineering firm, in a school, or anywhere. And if your writing skills are decent enough, you are likely to leave to a good impression, whether you are writing to your clients, boss, or colleagues.

Writing well does not mean you have to use extraordinary vocabulary and weave words magically, it just means that whatever you have written should be on point, grammatically correct, compact, and well-constructed.

These are the things you should care about before drafting emails or documents.


1. Do Not Repeat Words:

If your writing piece has repeated words, it shows that you do not have a good knowledge of vocabulary. You can use to know how many times you have repeated a word. All you have to do is just open the website and paste your writing. It will also count the total number of words.


2. Read Good English:

Well, just like you are what you eat, you are what you read. If you are not reading at all or are reading blogs/books/articles written in a childish language, you will never learn to be better at writing.

An article or blog published on a decent website would be grammatically correct, rich in vocabulary, clear in ideas and context, and would not have loaded paragraphs. Good writing has ideas explained in different paragraphs, which are meaningful yet not huge.


3. Use Grammarly:

If you do not have time for reading or find it mundane, then start using Grammarly. The software not only highlights wrong grammar or spellings but also suggests synonyms and antonyms. The software also successfully shows how to shorten the sentences.

It is easy to use software and it is not necessary that you have to download it. You can use the web version as well. And in case you do not know, all the writers use Grammarly to ensure their masterpiece is error-free.


4. Ask Your Grammar-Nazi Friend For Review:

You can ask your grammar-Nazi friend or family member to read what you have written and correct it. 

For the person, it would take just five minutes and give them a sense of satisfaction for guiding someone. For you, it is getting the job done without investing any money anywhere. Additionally, the person would tell you about your mistakes as well as why are they wrong. It will give you a deeper sense of understanding the language.


5. Be Precise:

The last thing your colleague, client, or boss would like to do is reading an unnecessarily lengthy email or document. You must ensure that you avoid including irrelevant information. 

Sometimes you might feel that quoting an illustration or adding a few extra lines would strengthen your argument, but it simply is useless. Instead of writing 5 lines about your idea, you can try writing it in a single line and highlight it. People do not like wasting their time on reading something too long that does not have much context.