What's The Difference Between A Press Release And A Blog?

Often confused terminologies within the public relations realm are the difference between press releases and blogs.


While both are useful arsenals of communication to increase business visibility and awareness, their objectives are different.


As an example, technology blogs include any relevant data, informed opinions, and information about advances in technology, such as reviews about the iPhone 11.


Tech press releases, on the other hand, contain immediate news such as Apple holding a product launch at the Steve Jobs Theater in California on September 10.


Using both formats as part of your PR strategy can help you build relationships with your customers, and raise awareness of products and services. It also helps establish credibility in the field.


Are you still confused? Let’s breakdown the difference between press releases and blogs.

What Is A Blog?


Since the purpose of blogs is to reach customers and build trust with the reader, they are often in an informal or conversational style.


The reason for this is often personalization. A reader must know that a real person is behind the writing.


For this reason, there is so much flexibility in the writing format.


You can include pictures and videos to put a little twist on your content.

While most blogs are extensive, it doesn’t require to belong.


Blogs can be as short as a 300-word and as long as a 2500-word article.


Businesses are using blogs as a powerful way to communicate stories. It helps build a brand and update customers about products and services.


Blogs welcome feedback and allow the readers to comment and share their opinions regardless if they agree on what is in the blog or not.

Businesses write blogs to increase such engagement.


Businesses are using blogs as it is a cost-effective way to publish content in a fast efficient manner.

What Is A Press Release?


Press releases are brief reports about specific events and product launches.

It is written in the third person and sharing from an outsider perspective.


It has a formal and formulaic writing format that speaks to current and prospective customers with a sense of immediacy.


Because it uses a formal tone, it is more official and credible to readers as compared to blogs.


Generally, it should include a place and date where an event will be held. It should have an attention-grabbing headline so it invites people to come.


Press releases usually take something out from what a personage said and idealizes it, in the form of a rhetorical device to raise interest level.


Are you still confused about their difference?


Just look for a boilerplate. It will immediately tell you that it is a press release.


A boilerplate contains information about the company or the organization.

The same boilerplate appears in all press releases of one company.


Now you know the difference between a blog and a press release. Let’s discuss similarities and differences.


Both are linking to a current trend. There’s no reason to write a blog if it is not current.


Because of the writing format of blogs and press releases, journalist expertise tends to be given more value and is more considered as authoritative on a subject than bloggers who are merely observers.


However, there’s no reason to compare both or think one can replace the other as they produce different contents, and there are different values in opinion and reporting.


Blogging and writing press releases are effective ways to reach customers and are also an effective SEO tool that impacts business marketing and awareness.