Improve Your Customer Reach By Using Innovative Marketing Methods

Companies can sometimes spend a lot of money on marketing in order to improve their brand name and attract new customers. If you look at companies such as Coca-Cola, Amazon and Nike, they literally spend millions on this a year. It is now 2020 and there are a lot of creative ways that people can still improve their branding but reach a lot of customers for more cost-effective means. 

Technology is on our side and digital marketing it as its peak. We are seeing billboards being replaced by electronic boards and newspaper articles being replaced by online advertisements.The reach to customers is highly effective if the marketing methods are thought out correctly and budget aligned. Here are some suggestions as to how you can improve your marketing methods.

Think Digital:

Digital advertising does not need to be complicated, in fact, it is simple. Some people who are not experts in IT shy away from using this sort of method and stick with traditional means to market their company. These guys are missing a trick as there are companies out there that take of all your digital marketing effectively. If you live or travel in London, you will have noticed that over the years, the posters and billboards that are in most underground stations have been replaced with digital versions. These catch the eye whilst you are standing still on the elevator. This is the sort of innovation that was needed and will reach the eyes of thousands of people every single day. You can manage your digital signage with Cenareo who make the process simple. If you let them know your reach, they will advise on what the best digital signage is and recommend creatives also. 

Facebook Ads:

There are not enough companies out there using targeted marketing via Facebook. The knowledge Facebook has about people is unreal and this can be used to your advantage. For example, if you a company in the UK that owns a fashion and you want to reach to people, you can target your add to people in the UK, within the right age demographic and have as their “likes” fashion. This then targets the adds to these types of people to make the outcome far more effective. The costings associated with this though can be high therefore important if you are going down this road, you have the correct level of budget put aside. 


People sometimes think that when they have a company website, they have ticked the box in terms of reaching customers. This is so far from the truth. Remembering that a website is usually the firstplace people go nowadays to research a company, it is important that the website offers the customers a good experience. Going for a cheap, ineffective website could tarnish your company reputation and put people off from visiting. There are lots of website design companies around but before you even approach them, you should have a good idea about what it is you want to your customers to get out of the visit. It could simply be communications, or it could be that you want them to place an order. If you manage to get a customer to leave an email address this then also becomes very powerful in terms of email marketing strategy’s you may adopt. 


Don’t hold back in being creative in terms of digital marketing. The world of technology is changing at a face pace and it is crucial that businesses modernise their companies and marketing methods to align with this.