Tips to Start a New Business in India after COVID-19

It was just a few months ago we all heard of a mysterious virus that was infecting thousands of people. Thousands turned into lakhs and today the entire world is on lockdown. Around 4 billion people all over the world are in lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This lockdown has created challenges for every sector, including businesses. So many businesses have been closed down or are on a standstill. Some are barely surviving while the rest are on the edge of collapsing. But some businesses have thrived as well. There are some challenges for sure but plenty of opportunities are hidden underneath them. This article will give you some much-needed tips for starting a business after the pandemic. First, let's take a look at the business ideas in india that will soar soon.

6 Business That Will Boost after COVID-19 Pandemic

Online Education

If your business doesn't adapt to the situational changes, then it will collapse or fall to the edge of collapsing. The same applies to the education system we have in our country. You must have heard that schools too have shifted to online teaching so that the syllabus doesn’t lag and the students don’t have to compromise on their education. It is working just fine for them, if not better. 

If you are a teacher or are involved in education, then you can start giving some coaching classes online. Everybody would want to stay at home and learn something at the same time in the coming days. So, why waste the opportunity? You can even teach, marketing methods, writing, singing, drawing, or any other skill online and earn a lot. 


You can start an e-commerce website or join such a company and experience exponential growth in the days to come. The future will be a time of social distancing, so people are likely to shop online from e-commerce websites. Groceries, medicine, and other essential items’ sale will also be digitalized. So, you too should consider taking part in the same because the ongoing lockdown has witnessed a huge surge in online shopping. 

IT Industry

All the work involved in the IT sector can be done from home. Besides, an increase in online businesses will lead to an increase in the need for IT professionals. If you are involved with the same, then you'll have a huge opportunity to grow. You could also start freelancing such software services for an added benefit. Internet and Broadband related services will also boost up.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmacy and Medicine will surge quickly so, its future of new business ideas in India. Both domestic and international trade of medicines will rise. You can get involved in the same, or start it yourself and do retail, wholesale, B2B, and B2C business, or import/ export businesses. Besides, safety equipment and hygienic equipment are also in demand right now. So, producing masks, sanitizers, testing kits, etc. will also be highly profitable.

Fitness Industry

People have become much more worried about their health and fitness now more than ever. Gyms, swimming pools, spa, etc. are shut right now due to the ongoing lockdown. Hence, there will be more demand for home-based gym equipment. People will also be looking for online gym classes, training, Zumba classes, aerobics, etc. So, if you are involved in the same, then start giving fitness coaching online.

Delivery Industry

This is the backbone of every industry be it online shopping, retail, e-commerce, domestic and international trade, or anything else. Delivery Industry includes Courier providing industry, logistics industry, and door-to-door service providing industry. These services could be local, national, or even international.

Digital Marketing

Any business needs marketing, and with the ongoing shift to digitalization along with enforced digitalization due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is for much likely that digital marketers will have a great time. You could start a digital marketing agency or freelance as a digital marketer. Businesses are constantly looking for digital marketers to promote and advertise their products, brands, and services. Besides, all the businesses that will develop in the time of COVID-19 and after that will be looking for people who are versed in SEO, SMO, Google adverts, etc. to promote their businesses. So, after aware of benefits of digital marketing they will need Digital Marketers or such agencies.

Tips to start new businesses after COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Adapt to and embrace technological advances. Create a website for your business and build an online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  2. Build your business model according to consumer demand. Research on what product or service is in demand and center your strategies on it. Gather resources and talent related to it and build a business.
  3. Ditch traditional marketing ways and rely much more on digital marketing strategies and adapt to them. 
  4. List your product on Delivery service platforms and e-commerce portals.
  5. Invest in online advertising via Facebook Ads, blogs, websites, Google Ads, etc.
  6. Create a listing on Just Dial, Glassdoor, Sulekha, and other such online directories.
  7. Accept Online Payments via PayPal, Paytm, UPI, etc. because now on, more or less all sorts of payments will be digitalized and customers will find it much more convenient.
  8. Collaborate with COD (Cash on Delivery) companies if you start a physical product-based business.
  9. Rely on e-conferences for customer meetings and employee meetings.
  10. Write about your products and business on blogs and other online publication platforms so that potential clients can discover you.