9 Most Sought-after Digital Marketing Jobs

It is being predicted that the digital economy is likely to reach $1 trillion by 2022 in India. It indicates that domestic businesses are crowding online for their promotion in bulk.


If you are thinking about what profession you are likely to choose, consider digital marketing jobs as there is a never-ending market demand right now. The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly and is changing the way people are buying and consuming.


According to statistics, India is globally the second-largest online market at present. Currently, it has 564 million active internet users which will shoot up to 600 million by the next year.


In today's era, a company cannot survive without digital marketing. The growth of digital marketing is opening a lot of opportunities. There is a gamut of well-paying digital marketing jobs available in the market presently which makes it an attractive career choice but you have to skilled in the digital marketing field and for those you have to do a digital marketing course.


There is a big scope for freelancing in this industry too. You can set-up your business without spending a penny. How amazing is that!


A little bit about Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a type of marketing that uses the internet and other online means to reach its customers and convert them as well. The objective remains the same as traditional marketing- generate revenue, traffic, create brand awareness, and of course reach a global audience in a shorter duration.


Emails, Ads, Social media marketing, SEO, Websites, YouTube, Podcasts etc. all play crucial parts in preparing the Digital Marketing strategy. Go through the leading job portals you can see that there are numerous Digital Marketing jobs available in India which can further enhance your skills and work experiences.


Why should you look for jobs in Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing skills are meant for rapid career growth. This skill-based course opens the door for many attractive job opportunities for freshers. It also widens your scope for learning. An industry-relevant digital marketing course in Delhi can actually benefit you in many ways. Starting from a fresher to an expert in the field this field offers an unremitting learning process with ever-changing updates and tactics.


Here are the 9 best-paying Digital Marketing jobs in India of 2020-


1.Digital Planning 

Digital marketing has diverse fringes and it includes jobs like content writing, Google ads manager, SEO executive, SMM expert, etc. However, Digital planner is someone who can lead, conceptualize and execute a digital campaign from tip to toe.


To be an expert Digital Planner it requires years of experience to acquire necessary skill sets containing an overall vision of a campaign. A Digital planner also requires having a thorough knowledge of all the latest marketing tools as well. These jobs are usually not for a newbie who has just started a career. A sound digital planner can get up to Rs. 10 lakh per year in India.


2. Digital Media Management


Digital media management is one of the popular digital marketing job roles. A Digital Media Manager has to have knowledge regarding Google Analytics, social media analytics and other analytics to manage the overall marketing strategy. Their responsibilities usually include generating online sales, optimizing revenue, and expanding new sales opportunities. He/she needs to have proper knowledge of the best-performing tools available in the market. Digital Media Manager earns approx. 4-12 lakhs per annum.


3. Creative Director


Creative directors are those people who lead the creative team of the company. They lead projects that include graphic designing, blogs, music, videos etc. A creative director should have good leadership capability, good communication skills and vast years of experience in any creative domain mentioned above. Having experience in one of the creative fields is also important. This is one of the highest paying Digital Marketing jobs in India at this moment with a handsome pay package of Rs. 11- 29 lakh per year.


4. E-Commerce Expert


Considering the present market trend most of the companies believe in selling products online. As people prefer online platforms these days for making their purchases online, companies are also looking for effective ways to sell their products online. This leads to a spur in the demand for E-Commerce experts. It is also becoming a popular job in the digital marketing space. You can work as a freelancer here.


The key job roles of an e-commerce specialist are vast understanding of offline and online sales, optimizing product pages, product descriptions, and CTA etc. E-commerce experts are also required to work closely with sales and marketing teams to come up with better strategies. Recognizing and understanding the audience psyche and creating personalized messages also come under the job responsibility of an E-commerce Specialist. In India average pay-package of an E-commerce Specialist is around Rs. 11 lakhs in a year which makes it one of the attractive Digital Marketing jobs in India right now.


5. Demand Generation


The chief task of a demand generation manager is to generate quality leads for the organization. They need to communicate with prospective customers through email marketing and cold calls to data intelligence. A distinct understanding of B2B automation tools is also a must-needed qualification to be in this profession. This is considered to be one of the emerging well-paying Digital Marketing jobs in India.


Demand Generation professionals need to cooperate with advertising, marketing groups and field sales teams for better communicative results. They also need to ascertain that all the conversation channels are effectively in operation for higher cross-functional communication connotation. Demand Generation professionals are paid about 10 lakh per year.


6. Product Marketing


Product marketing managers are entrusted with the responsibilities of communicating with prospective customers. These people hold the knowledge of all important marketing tools and analytics software. Their jobs also include business analysis, competitive intelligence and strategic marketing. They also train the sales team about product selling and creating marketing materials that speak sales. The average salary for a Product Manager ranges in 15-17 lakhs per year in metropolitan business cities. Undoubtedly this is one of the best-paying jobs in the Digital Marketing industry presently.


7. Channel Marketing


B2C companies usually sell their products through multiple channels like retailers and affiliates. A channel marketing manager has to manage such channels utilizing both the online and offline tools.


Channel Marketing Managers make sure the all the channel partners are in sync with the product promotions all the time. It’s necessary that they should have comprehensive knowledge of offline and online tools to manage such partners. As the experience goes ahead channel marketing managers earn between Rs. 6.5 lakh to Rs. 17 lakh annually in India.


8. Content Strategy


The role of a content strategist is gaining more and more popularity across all national companies. A Content Strategist’s job is to execute the content for campaigns. The job of a content strategist is to create content calendars, high-quality content and also conduct content audits. They also manage the content team as well.


If you want to be a content strategist, you have to start as a content creator. You have to learn writing according to the SEO principles in the first place. A content creating team includes a content writer, a copywriter and a video creator. An experienced content strategist can earn anywhere between Rs. 4 lakh to 16 lakh per annum. They can also work as freelancers.


9. Brand Marketing


In today's world, reaching out to customers with a great featured product is not enough. Building a brand not only generates more sales but also creates loyal customers. Brand marketing helps generate brand awareness. Therefore, promoting the vision of the brand is really important for greater conversion and longer market sustenance. Brand Managers draw up to Rs. 9.2 lakhs yearly.


Brand marketing needs to have a creative route to lure and engage the customers available across digital platforms. Below are the roles of a Brand Manager worth mentioning-


a. Being friendly with all available content formats.

b. Select the apt content pattern for respective brand communication.

c. Prepare creative stories in align with branding goals.

d. Utilize the data-based analysis for better strategy procurement.




If you are keen on building your career in the field of Digital Marketing these above highest-paying jobs in the Digital Marketing field can gift you a dream career ahead. It is not necessary to gain all the skills to be a digital marketer. You can just choose the niche of your interest and start right from there. Join a Digital Marketing training to lay brick for the future foundation.