Have $100K To Invest: Here Are 5 Great Areas To Invest In Today

If you are someone who is looking to invest $100K in today’s times, then let me begin by congratulating you!

For starters, you might have worked really hard to reach that figure. Or, you might have inherited the same from your parents. In both cases, you are extremely lucky.

According to data, the average American household has just between $10K to $12K in their bank accounts! Having a lot of money gives rise to its own sets of challenges.

As a serious investor, you want your money to grow. This means that you want to be extra careful of where you would invest in today.

Thankfully, in recent years and because of the pandemic, a fair share of good investment areas has arisen for you to invest sensibly.

We speak to leading financial experts are come up with five areas that deserve your attention to invest $100K.

List of 5 Great Areas to Invest $100K According to Financial Experts


I am sure that by now you would have heard about cryptocurrencies. To be honest, if you haven’t, then you should immediately check online and start investing.

If you think Bitcoin is too far out of your reach (1 Bitcoin = $50K) then try Ethereum. It is growing in value and promises to return as much or higher profits and gains as Bitcoin.

You save on taxes; the growth period is low and you can move assets very quickly when it comes to crypto.

2.Renewable Energy-

With consciousness growing around the need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, stakes in renewable energy have picked up.

This means that investors are looking for a stake in companies that are experimenting with sustainable sources of energy. Hydro, Solar, and Wind-based energy companies are emerging as an attractive investment option.

Now is the right time to invest and sit tight. These investment areas are sure to hit the roof in the next few years.

3.Precious Minerals-

Attached to renewable energy is another area that is slowly capturing the attention of investors. A lot of research and development has taken place in how precious minerals can power our energy requirements.

You might have already heard about Lithium. However, others like Iridium are also being seriously pursued by investors given their high demand from the world of science and technology.

This is a great way to park some of your investments in areas that are going to power our future.

4.Large Residential Real Estate-

The pandemic and the creation of the WFH model have dented commercial real estate in a major way. However, residential real estate is booming like never before.

With people looking at large suburban homes and shifting to a WFH set-up, the need for bigger and more isolated homes is emerging.

Investing in remote and upcoming residential neighborhoods will help you get a high return for your investment, especially as long as the pandemic lasts (a long time).

5.Enterprising Start-ups-

Picking up stock options is easier than ever thanks to the emergence of a booming start-up culture.

You can pick up stock options in companies that you think are going to grow over the next few years. Try to be part of early-stage funding rounds where the investments are low and the percentage of control is huge.

This is a great way to become a part of a meaningful business enterprise and see your investments skyrocket in the next few years.

The Final Word

The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely changed the way one would approach investing. Thankfully, the pandemic is showing signs of slowing down and vaccine effectiveness is proving to be a major help in this regard. Taking early decisions in terms of investing can help you stay ahead and increase your investment growths handsomely.

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