How To Write Great Blog Posts On Your Website

I read a lot of essay topics for high school students to find out the most important components of a good blog post. I hope my advice will be useful to you.

Write naturally

The best way to use keywords is to make them as less visible as you can. This way the text will look more natural to the readers and they won’t cringe because of keywords used too many times. However, if you do everything right, this way the text will also look appealing to the search engines.

Here’s what you need to do to make your writing look natural and SEO-friendly at the same time:

  • spread keywords throughout the whole post;
  • include them in the title, headings, meta description, image descriptions, and URL;
  • don’t overuse one keyword.

Include valuable links

Some bloggers vary about linking to other blogs, articles or websites - but that’s exactly what you should do to improve your search engine rankings. When you include links (of course, valuable ones), you offer some additional material to the readers. Moreover, you also show the search engines that your article is well-researched - which means they rank it higher in the search results.

Also, linking to other bloggers might even lead to them linking back to your website to return the favor. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

In some ways writing a strong and SEO-friendly post is similar to coming up with a good thesis statement: you have to work hard to do so but the result will definitely be worth the efforts. So take your time, try different approaches, monitor the results, and see how it works for you.

Which tips do you find the most interesting and easy to use? Maybe you too have some tips that help you improve your SEO and that you are willing to share with us? Please leave your thoughts, tips, and stories in the comment section below!