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A Varied Gift Selection

At Love Our Work, we are devoted to creating good sentiments and sensations to those receiving our unique gifts. We know the value that a well-meant gift can have for someone, whether for condolences, for a happy occasion, or just because. And as a result of this devotion, we have recently expanded upon our selection of gifts.

Partly, we wanted to begin to offer gifts that lasted better. A gift that stands the test of time, and becomes a useful, valuable element of your home, provides a memory for its recipient throughout a longer timeframe, and provides greater overall value.

Now, Love Our Work offers such varied gifts as various homewares – pillows, scented candles, door stops, potted plants, and much more. These thoughtfully-selected presents provide aesthetically-pleasing, soothing sensations for the home, and allow one to enjoy them for years, a constant reminder of your kindness.

We still offer our vaunted and renowned flower service, delivered with dispatch to homes and hospitals around Melbourne. They remain as popular as ever, and nothing can really compete with such a classic gesture. But, if you are ready to try a new method of expressing a heartfelt ‘Thank You’, ‘My Condolences’, ‘Happy Birthday’, or just because, Love Our Work now has you covered.

Check out our wide selection today.

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